Who Is Mr dos Santos? Father Of Antony

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Who Is Mr dos Santos? Father Of Antony

Mr dos Santos is the father of Brazilian footballer Antony. Mr dos Santos is married to his wife, Cremilda Prudencio. 

He has three children, including Antony. He has Portuguese descent. He is a Brazilian citizen by his nationality. 

Mr dos Santos with son Antony
Mr dos Santos with son Antony Source: Lifebogger

Married life of Antony

Antony is currently married to his wife, Rosilene Xavier. The couple has a son together named Lorenzo. Their son was born in 2019. 

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Before getting married, Antony and Rosilene dated for a long time, and they later exchanged vows at a private wedding.

Age and Net Worth 

Antony is 22 years old. The net worth of Antony is 60 Million euros. His source of income is football players.  

Antony’s dream came true?

Antony joined the Manchester United club for the season of 2022/23, and he was one of the most liked signings of the club in the year. 

When asked about his feelings and excitement about the club, he expressed that it was a dream come true for him. 

He always had the dream of joining the bigger club, and after wearing the jersey of the club, he felt proud of himself, and his hard work paid off. 

Also, Antony has already worked with the club’s manager Erik and has always respected Erik in the past and present. 

He revealed that he was really excited to learn more from him and play under his guidance. He also said he wants to make history with the club.

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Does Antony follow Ronaldinho?

Antony was asked about his strength in football in one of the interviews, and he said that his strength was basically in the attacking field. 

As a winger, he is really technical and strategic from his view. 

He is also brilliant at dribbling and believes in making a good play for the team and teammates. 

He expressed that he really likes to make moves so that his teammates can score. 

As one of his strengths is dribbling, he always looked up to the legend Ronaldinho for inspiration. 

He really learned a lot from him. 

He also took the name of Ronaldo, from whom he has always learned new things and someone who he really had followed as a child.

Antony changed his parents' life?

Antony was a Brazilian boy with no luxury and middle-class life. He was a poor boy with a big dream. 

His condition was so fatal that he didn’t have a proper place to sleep. 

He used to sleep on the sofa and the house, which was often flooded. 

He was always interested in football but didn’t even have football boots. 

Still, he promised his parents as a child and said that he would one day change their life. 

He worked on himself, and his brother was someone who helped him throughout his journey. 

Still, now, his brother is part of his decisions in football. He was a charming boy with brilliant dribbling skills. 

Hence, he was able to get success at a young age. 

Now, as he is in Manchester United club, he really has kept his promise and changed the lives of his parents and family.

Did Antony get a red card for acting?

Antony was playing against Feyenoord from the side of Ajax. The game was in its extra time of 5 minutes, and Ajax was in the lead with a goal. 

As the competition was so intense, Feyenoord had a chance to make it a draw. 

But in the 92nd minute, Antony pulled out an act of being injured. 

It was his clear strategy to waste time to get a win for his team. He was acting as if he was injured. 

Firstly, the referee believed him. But eventually, everyone understood his intention. 

Even the coach of the team was laughing at him in the audience. 

His trick worked as he wasted enough time, and they won. 

But unfortunately, he was given his second yellow card, and he was sent off the pitch.

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