Who Is Mutt Lange? Ex-Husband Of Shania Twain

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Who Is Mutt Lange? Ex-Husband Of Shania Twain

Mutt Lange also known as Mutt Lange is a South African songwriter and record producer. He is the ex-husband of Canadian singer-songwriter Shania Twain.

How Did He Meet Shania?

Being a record producer after hearing Shania's album he offered to produce and write a song for her next album. 

They met each other in the early 1990s. After meeting they started dating each other and married after a few months in 1993.

The couple shares a child together. 

Mutt Lange with his ex-wife, Shania Twain.
Mutt Lange with his ex-wife, Shania Twain. Source: Pinterest

Shania Was Betrayed By Mutt And Her Bestfriend

Shania met her Fredric Theribaud and Marie Ann Theribaud in Switzerland.

Marie Anne was the personal assistant and secretary of Shania. Marie was married to Fredric at that time. 

Marie not only managed Shania she also managed her ex-husband Mutt. 

Fred and Mutt became good friends and they started to get along really well. 

Marie became her confidant. One day Shania told Marie that her husband was acting strangely but she said she didn't see anything strange in his behavior. 

It was Fredric who found that Mutt and Marie were having an affair behind their back. 

Fredric told Shania about her husband having an affair with his wife. 

She called her up and asked her to say the truth but she denied having an affair with Mutt and changed her phone number. 


Mutt is 74 years old. He is 6 feet tall. He weighs around 82 kg.

Net Worth

Mutt's net worth is estimated to be $220 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a record producer. 

Mutt Lange's ex-wife, Shania Twain.
Mutt Lange's ex-wife, Shania Twain. Source: Instagram

Mutt Is Happily Married To Ann Marie

After a messy divorce from his ex-wife Shania, Mutt married Ann Marie. He was secretly having an affair with her when he was married to Shania.

 So after parting ways he went to live with Ann Marie. They are believed to be married. The two have been enjoying their life in Switzerland

Shania Lost Her Voice 

After being cheated on by his husband and betrayed by her best friend she was devastated. 

She told that there was a time when he thought of giving up on life. He had Lyme disease which was negatively impacted by her anxiety. 

She was diagnosed with dysphonia and the stress from her divorce make it even worse. She lost her voice because of Lyme disease.

Though it was not the main reason for her loss it was definitely a part that led her to lose her voice. 

She went through multiple throat surgeries. She feared that she might lose the voice that built her career. 

She was at her lowest at that time. She just accepted it and fought hard and after the surgery, she got a gravelly voice she was excited about. 

She didn’t get her old voice but got a new voice and she was grateful for that. 

Frederic Was Light In Shaina's Life

Shania and Frederic dealt with the heartbreak together as they were betrayed by their respective partner. 

Fredric was very supportive and helped her to come out of the darkness. 

While both of them were going through the same phase they became supportive of each other and soon an unexpected love blossomed. 

They became good friends and spend time with each other. They held each other during their lowest point in time. 

Shania said that she started to see him differently and fell for him. 

She admired him for handling the situation so beautifully and supporting her at the same time.

Frederic also feels for her and they tied the knot in 2011. They are married to the date. 

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