Who Is Mykelti Brown? Daughter Of Kody Brown

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Who Is Mykelti Brown? Daughter Of Kody Brown

Mykelti Brown is the daughter of TV personality Kody Brown who is best known for starring on TLC's Sister Wives, which focuses on polygamy family. 

Her mother is Christine Brown. She has five siblings. Her parents were married for 26 years

She comes from a polygamous family. Her father has four wives and has eighteen children altogether from all wives. 

He is legally married to one of them and spiritually married to three. She went to Nevada University.

She runs her own business under Mykelti's Whimsical Boutique. 

Mykelti Brown with her mom.
Mykelti Brown with her mom. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children                                 

Mykelti is happily married to Antonio Padron. She met him in 2015

They tied the knot in 2016 in front of 400 guests and 23 members of her family. 

Mykelti and her husband welcomed their firstborn in 2021. The couple again welcomed twins in 2022 and expanded their family from three to five. 

Mykelti Brown with her husband, Antonio Padron.
Mykelti Brown with her husband, Antonio Padron. Source: Instagram

Kody's First Wife Decided To Put An End To Their Marriage 

One of Kody's wives, Meri Brown, decided to leave a plural marriage. 

She was his first wife in their polygamous family arrangement. Before her, it was Christine who took the first step to come out from plural marriage. 

Meri announced her split from Kody through her Instagram handle. She said that she has no animosity toward her ex-husband, Kody.

She revealed that they tried to work on their marriage, but it was all worthless. 

She said she knew her marriage was over before they publicly announced it. 

They were married for 32 years and shared a kid. In their joint statement, they said they would continue to be respectful and kind towards each other. 

Months after separating from Kody, she gave an update about her personal life, where she said that she was focusing on herself and finding peace and self-love. 

Christine revealed that she is seeing somebody after her split from Kody. 

Mykelti Brown's father Kody Brown.
Mykelti Brown's father, Kody Brown. Source: Pinterest


Her father, Kody, is 53 years old

Net Worth

Her father, Kody's net worth is estimated to be $800k. He has managed to earn this fortune by appearing in the TV show Sisters Wives. 

Mykelti Brown with her children. Source: Instagram
Mykelti Brown with her children. Source: Instagram

Kody And Janelle Discussed Their Fractured Relationship

In Season 17 of TLC, Sister Wives, Kody and Janelle were seen arguing over their relationship and where it stands. 

Kody and Janelle got married in 1993, making her his second wife. Kody blamed Janelle for not giving him respect during covid times. 

They have a huge fight on camera. Kody was furious that Janelle didn’t understand him. 

He was angry with her as he did everything in his hand to save her and their children. 

He said he tried to protect their children but didn't know it would harm them. 

He said he got so much blame from his kids and that she also belittled him then. 

He said everyone mistreated him for 18 months because of that. He said his heart was broken. 

Janelle said that it was not her fault and that they see things differently. 

She made clear in the interview that they have been caught off in the same old argument several times, and she doesn't want to face him and defend herself. 

She said that in the last 18 months, she has learned to be independent. 

She said she doesn’t need to be in a relationship where she is yelled at and said he doesn’t deserve that. 

Janelle also decided to part ways with Kody after being married for 30 years

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