Who Is Na Sun-Young? Mother Of Ha Seong Kim

by Manisha Sun Jun 11 2023 Updated On Wed Jun 14 2023

Na Sun-Young is the mother of professional baseball shortstop Ha Seong Kim who currently plays for the San Diego Padres of Major League Baseball

She is married to Kim Sun-jong. They are parents of three children. She is South Korean.

Na Sun-Young with her daughter.
Na Sun-Young with her daughter. Source: Twitter

Is Kim Dating Anyone?

Kim is not dating anyone at the moment. He is single and has not said anything about his lovelife. 

Kim Is Excited To Play In His Home Country

San Diego Padres will head to Korea to play a series in South Korea in 2024

He said he looked forward to going to Korea with his teammates. 

He is happy that his team will be playing in Korea and said it would be an honor for his team to go to his country and play the game. 

He shared that Koreans are also baseball fans, and showing their game in front of them would be fun. 

He said there is a huge fan base for LA Dodgers, and if they would get an opportunity to face them, it would be a historic moment. 

He added there are some good baseball players in Korean leagues and more than that, fans are very passionate about the game and have good baseball knowledge too. 

He shared that the Padres fans are also growing in Korea. He mentioned the Padres player is getting popular among Korean fans

He said Padres had some world-class baseball players, and Korean fans would love to see them on the pitch. 

He further added that they would probably be playing in Gocheok Sky Done as it is the only stadium for baseball located in Seoul

He said he is expecting a lot of amateur baseball players to come and witness the game of Major League Baseball player


Her son Seong is 27 years old

Net Worth

Her son Seong's net worth is estimated to be $30 million. His salary is around $7 million per year.

Na Sun-Young's son Ha Seong Kim.
Na Sun-Young's son Ha Seong Kim. Source: Instagram

Ha Shared His Experience Of Joining Padres

Kim signed a four-year contract with the San Diego Padres of Major league baseball on December 31, 2020

The deal was worth $28 million. He made his debut as a Padres player on April 1, 2021.

He said the postseason game in States is entirely different than in Korea

He said the fans were excellent, cheering and supporting the team. 

He added that the whole Padres team welcomed him as a family and brother, especially Manny Machado, the third San Diego baseman. 

He said he was very supportive from arriving at the organization. He said it feels comfortable having him next to him in defense. 

He further said he made him feel comfortable on and off the field. 

He added it was hard for him to prepare for the game as he was unaware of the position he would play, but later he got into form after playing every day. 

He got the shortstop position, the same position he has been playing in his entire career. 

So, it was mentally and physically easier for him to adjust to the game in the States

He said that he was already good at defense, and after playing so many games, he got familiar with it even more, which helped him boost his confidence and motivated him to perform better. 

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