Who Is Nadine Brewer? Mother Of Da Brat

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Who Is Nadine Brewer? Mother Of Da Brat

Nadine Brewer is a celebrity mother. She is mostly known because of her daughter Shawntae Harris is known by her stage name Da Brat.

She is a famous and talented American rapper. Nadine was born on July 24.

She fell in love with David Ray McCoy. He was a well-known businessman who was very kind and generous. 

He was a well-known man in Chicago, United States

Though the couple never got married and he never became her husband, they welcomed Shawnate in 1974; her birthday is on April 14

Nadina is a city bus driver by her profession.

Nadine Brewer's daughter Da Brat.
Nadine Brewer's daughter Da Brat. Source: Instagram

Nadine's Daughter's Love Story

Nadine's daughter Shawntae was in love with her wife, Jesseca Dupart, for many years. 

She revealed her relationship with Jesseca in June 2020

In an interview, Da said she doesn't give a f*ck, and what all matters is for her to be happy. 

She loudly, proudly, and publicly said that she loved Jesseca and Jesseca loves her too.

After this public announcement of her love life, this talented hip-hop star was flooded with DMS and a lot of phone calls where there were a lot of positive and supportive messages. 

She says she had at least 1500 messages.

She afterward said that why didn't she do that many years ago. 

Soon, Da made a tattoo of her wedding day and shared it on her Instagram account.

The beautiful couple got married on February 2, 2022, on Tuesday

Their wedding was held at the Horse Mansion in Fairburn, Georgia

Ellyn Events managed and planned the event, where hundreds of guests were present. 

The theme of their wedding was so beautiful. Both the bride arrived in Cinderella style horse-drawn carriages. 

The duo wore a beautiful white dress designed by Esé Azénabor.

The couple revealed that they had been calling each other a twin flame, and the wedding date, 2/22/22, was an angel number. 

The date was so unique that it comes once in a lifetime, which they didn't want to miss.

Nadine Brewer's daughter Da Brat with her partner Jesseca Dupart
Nadine Brewer's daughter Da Brat with her partner Jesseca Dupart Source: Instagram


Her daughter Shawntae is 48 years old. She is five feet four inches tall.

Net Worth 

Her daughter has a net worth of three million dollars.

Nadine Brewer with her daughter Da Brat.
Nadine Brewer with her daughter Da Brat. Source: Instagram

Nadine's Ex-Boyfriend Was Killed By A Gunshot

On November 2, 1988, David was killed by a gunshot. He was just fifty-three years old when he was killed. 

People found him dead in the back seat of his car. 

His then-girlfriend and brother murdered him with a gun. 

Both of them were caught after the investigation and prisoned in jail. 

His girlfriend was prisoned for 80 years in jail, whereas her brother was kept in jail for 20 years less than her.

Nadine Brewer's late ex-boyfriend David Ray McCoy.
Nadine Brewer's late ex-boyfriend David Ray McCoy. Source: Pinterest

Da And Her Wife Jesseca Talked About Their Journey To Motherhood

Da and Jesseca planned for a baby a month before their marriage. 

The couple said they will keep their baby's name Legacy Shawntae Dupart as both wanted their name in their baby's name. 

Jesseca will carry her first baby as Da already has three babies from her past relationships.

When Da was asked why she wanted a baby from Jesseca, she says Jesseca is the most caring, nurturing person she has ever met in her life, and she wants Jesseca to know what motherhood feels like. 

The couple revealed in an interview with Tamron Hall show that they have some ups and downs in the journey of their motherhood.

The couple is having some complications because of health problems which they didn't reveal much about though they are standing strong and are trying their best for their baby. 

They said they were not giving up.

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