Nadine Gordon – Meet Proud Mother Of Anthony Gordon

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Nadine Gordon – Meet Proud Mother Of Anthony Gordon

Nadine Gordon is famous as the mother of New Castle United and England national team winger Anthony Gordon.

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Married life 

Nadine has been happily married to her husband, Keith Gordon, for a very long time. 

Together, they share three sons, Anthony, Brandon, and Reuben

Their youngest son, Reuben, is ten years old, while their middle son, Brandon, is 19, four years older than their eldest, Anthony

Brandon also tried his hand at football, but he eventually lost interest. 

Anthony, in an interview, said he couldn't push his brother to play, explaining that he had to live his own life.

Both Nadine and her husband were supportive of their son's career from the very beginning. 

Her husband would hang a tire from goal frames to refine Anthony's shooting. 

He started setting up challenges for Anthony when he was five and would take him to all the games.


Her son, Anthony, is 23 years old.

Net Worth 

Her net worth is currently under review. Her son, Anthony, has a net worth of around $5 million.

She is super close to her son 

During an interview, Anthony said he has a very close relationship with his mum. 

"She has been on every step of the road with me. They are definitely proud of me, and trying to make my family proud is what motivates me", he added,

Anthony also said that being a good person is what matters the most to him than anything else. 

According to him, he prides himself on how he carries himself on the pitch and that he always tries to make a good impression on people.

Nadine Gordon is super close to her son Anthony Gordon
Nadine Gordon is super close to her son Anthony Gordon. Source: Instagram

Her son was given a red card at the same time he was named player of the match 

Anthony was handed a red card and named player of the match at the same time during Newcastle's 4-3 victory against West Ham

He heavily contributed to the team's impressive win. He had won two penalties and was named player of the match by TNT Sports. 

As the TNT co-commentator, Lucy Ward was announcing the name, Anthony was handed a red card for his second offense as he kicked the ball away in the fourth minute of stoppage time. 

He had his first offense in the second half for a foul on Mohammed Kudus.

Her son, on being called Scouse Scally

During an interview with Daily Mail, Anthony talked about being labeled as Scouse Scally, where he said he doesn't blame anyone for seeing him so and, at the same time, insisted he is not what people perceive to be in his personal life. 

"I understand the Scouse Scally perception, but away from football, I'm not like that at all," he told Daily Mail.

He further went on to say that everyone who meets him says, " I thought you were gonna be a ...." 

When they say that, he won't say a word, but if they leave with a better opinion, it makes him happy. 

And that he cannot blame people for that perception because how he has played at times could have villainized him. 

He is just fine with that because he is just trying to win it", he added.

Besides that, he also revealed being hated by Newcastle teammates. 

"To be honest, the lads here hated me before I joined here," he said, explaining that the environment he was in at Everton, that Scouse environment to be very aggressive, and he felt a responsibility to be the antagonist. 

He has now grown into who he wanted to be and is more focused on changing that perception because he feels he is in a place to do so, he added.

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