Naiia Rose Ulrich

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Naiia Rose Ulrich

Naiia Rose Ulrich is the daughter of American actor, director and producer Skeet Ulrich

Her mother's name is Georgia Cates, an actress. She has a twin brother named Jackob Ulrich

Naiia herself is an actress by her profession. She is an American

Naila Rose Ulrich Parents
Naila Rose Ulrich Parents  Source: Pinterest

Relationship Status Of Naila Rose Ulrich 

Naiia Rose is in a relationship with Stutz Elliot. She has openly revealed about her boyfriend through her social media. 

She had not opened up how and when they met and how everything started between them. 

But it seems like they have started dating each other years ago. 

She was caught posting an anniversary wish to her boyfriend on Instagram. 

Naiia is seen posting a lot of pictures with her boyfriend, Elliot. They look amazing and happy together. 

They are growing and sharing happy moments. As of 2021, they are happily living together. 

Naiia with her boyfriend
Naiia with her boyfriend  Source: Instagram 

About Naiia Rose Ulrich

Naiia Rose was born on 2001, 9th March. She is the daughter of famous actors Skeet Ulrich and Georgia Cates and was raised with a twin brother. 

She came from an acting background as her mom and dad both were actors. 

She also pursued an acting career like her parents and worked hard on it. 

She came under the spotlight as her father, Skeet Ulrich, is a well-known superstar. 

She had her first appearance in a movie at the age of nine. After that, she did get a chance to work with big people. 

She is a talented and hard-working girl.

Naiia with her father
Naiia with her father  Source: Instagram 


She is 20 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Naiia is $500,000. Her source of income is through acting. 

The average income of an actress is $218,000 per year. 

Naiia Rose Ulrich's Father Went Through Serious Surgery

Naiia Rose is a celebrity kid as his father Skeet is a successful actor of the decade. 

She would not have existed as Skeet was close to his death in 2010. Skeet was just 10 when he and his family learned about his problem. 

He had a hole in the ventricular wall, which was not a good news.

Hence he went through serious open-heart surgery. It was too intense as he could have died. 

But fortunately, the operation was a success, and he got to live his life. 

He chooses to be an actor after the operation, and he is now a successful actor.

Skeet Ulrich Faced Criticism

Everything that celebrities do makes a news and social media had made it easier for people to openly express their opinion on the particular news. 

It's not a big thing for celebrities to get criticized, but Skeet was surrounded by many criticisms that made him speak about it. 

He was found kissing his girlfriend, Lucy Hale. They were dating each other despite the age group of 20 years

Skeet then confronted that there was no problem in dating younger girls and it was normal.

At last, love is what matters. He also gave examples of many celebrities dating younger ones.

Skeet Ulrich Was Not Acting In The Last Scene Of Scream

Skeet is an established actor with many hit movies and series. He is known for his many movies, and one of them is Scream

The horror-comedy movie had its lead actor as Skeet, and people loved his performance. 

It was the movie to remember for his fans as he was stabbed at the movie's end. 

The stabbing scene looked so natural that people couldn't differentiate between fake and real. 

Later it was found out that he was stabbed. The umbrella's second stab injured him in the part where he had open-heart surgery. 

He was in genuine pain. The same scene was taken into a movie which made it look real.

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