Nakyung Park

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Nakyung Park

Nakyung Park is the wife of a famous American actor, film producer and martial artist Wesley Snipes

Nakyung herself is a painter. She has four children with Wesley

She is well known for being the daughter of Park Cheol, a South Korean entertainment executive.

She is of South Korean nationality. 

Nakyung Park with her husband Wesley Snipes
Nakyung Park with her husband Wesley Snipes    Source: Pinterest

Relationship Status Of Wesley Snipes 

Wesley was married to April Snipes. He married her in the year 1985. They have a son together named Jelani.

They were married for five years, and later in 1990, they officially ended their marriage. 

After ending his first marriage, Wesley got into a relationship with Nakyung Park, a painter. 

He met her in South Korea. They both happily tied the knot in 2003. They have four children together. 

They are still married and have completed more than eighteen years as a married couple. 

Wesley with his friend
Wesley with his friend  Source: Instagram 

About Wesley Snipes

Wesley is an American actor, film producer, and martial artist born on July 31, 1962

His birth name is Wesley Trent Spines. In Orlando, Florida, he was born to Marian and Wesley Rudolph Snipes

Wesley started learning martial arts at a very young age. He started acting at the age of 23

He showed his first-ever appearance in 1986 in the movie named Wildcats

After that, he showed his appearance in many movies. He is well known for his role in Rising Sun

Some of the movies that he played are White Men Can't Jump, New Jack City and The players

Wesley Snipes
Wesley Snipes  Source: Instagram 

Wesley’s Role Was Given To Eric Lasalle

Wesley gave an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he talked about his movie role and relationship with Eddie Murphy and Steve Wonder

Wesley opened up that the role that was supposed to be his was given to Eric Lasalle. He thought he would get the role and he had even auditioned four or five times for the role. 

Unfortunately, he didn’t get the role and whenever he thinks about that day he feels sad and hurt. He also got hurt at the time when Jimmy asked him. 

After that Wesley talked about his movie Dolemite Is My Name. He played that movie with Eddie Murphy and Stevie Wonder

He has known Eddie since the year 1988 and has been very close with him since then. They had a great time while they were in New York

He and Eddie used to hang out a lot and go downtown. At that time there used to be lots of great clubs in Downtown and now working on a movie with Eddie felt incredible to him. 

After that Wesley talked about Stevie Wonder. He described Stevie as a grand master of martial arts and he feels happy only standing next to him. 

Jimmy also knows Stevie and he told that he is the funniest person that he has ever met. Whenever Wesley and Stevie got a chance to meet with each other they talk about martial arts. 

When Wesley does anything with Stevie it automatically becomes a competition for both of them. If they start playing chess together then their game goes straight for 50 minutes.


Wesley is 59 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Wesley is $10 Million. He earns as an actor, producer, and artist. 

The average income of an actor is $40,860 per year.

Nakyung Married In Secret

Nakyung is a painter and artist. Her husband is also a popular actor and film producer. 

Nakyung and her husband Wesley Snipes did court marriage. 

They had just one attendee in the ceremony. In their everyday normal clothes, they married in a court. 

It was a secret wedding. They didn't have a big wedding but their relationship is going well with their four children.

Snipes Spoke About Nakyung's Father

Wesley is related to the entertainment industry, and so is his wife's father, Park Cheol

Unfortunately, Nakyung's father died at the age of 82. Wesley then spoke about how great his father-in-law was. 

He expressed some great things about his father-in-law. He said that Park was the one who introduced Korean Culture to the field. 

He has attracted a lot of Chinese TV viewers to his directed series and movies. 

It was a great positive change that he brought to the industry. 

Snipes appreciated his father-in-law for the person he was and his work.

Wesley Snipes Got Jailed For Three Years

Wesley spent three years in prison. He was not involved in an accident or criminal act. 

But he was involved in illegal activity. He had some tax issues. 

He failed to clear out tax from his past, and due to this, he was fined a total of $5 Million

In addition, he was sent to prison for three years. He requested to come out, but his request was denied. 

After coming out from prison in 2013, he had no regret. 

He said that it was something he needed to improve himself, and he sees it was a process for his improvement and nothing more.

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