Who Is Nalani Kele? Ex-Wife Of Shecky Greene

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Who Is Nalani Kele? Ex-Wife Of Shecky Greene

Nalani Kele is the ex-wife of late American comedian and actor Shecky Greene

Nalani herself is known for her nightclub act Nalani Kele Polynesian Revue

She belongs to the Filipino ethnicity. She is an American citizen of her nationality.

Talented Nalani Kele.
Talented Nalani Kele. Source: eBay

Married Life Of Nalani

Nalani was previously married to Shecky. The couple tied the knot back in 1972. Nalani and Shecky were married until 1982 and then got divorced.

After that, Nalani’s ex-husband, Shecky, remarried another woman named Marie Musso

They got hitched in 1985, and we were together until Shecky’s death parted them. 

Shecky and Marie had a great married life together, and Marie supported Shecky. They don’t have any kids together.

Nalani Kele with her ex-husband, Shecky Greene.
Nalani Kele with her ex-husband, Shecky Greene. Source: Pinterest

About Nalani’s Former Husband Shecky

Shecky was a professional comedian and actor. He was known for his stand-up comedy and appearance in the movie Tony Tome as Catleg. 

Besides that, he has appeared in many other movies and shows as a guest star. 

He was born in 1926 and had his birthday on April 8. His birth name is Fred Sheldon Greenfield

Shecky Greene with his current wife.
Shecky Greene with his current wife. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth

Nalani was born in 1932 and is currently 91 years old. Her ex-husband's net worth was $1 million- $4 million. 

Dealing With Panic Attack

Shecky was very open about his personal and work life. He had a promising career, but his life was entirely in turmoil. 

He had opened up about dealing with panic attacks in an interview, which was a difficult time of his life. 

The panic attacks were caused by his drug addiction, which caused lots of emotional breakdowns. 

He was at a susceptible emotional stage and often tried to avoid the outer world. 

Thankfully, his wife Marie was there to help him get out of bed and into the world. 

According to his wife, Shecky didn’t like being socially available and would leave the places that were too dark or too light for him. 

She prepared herself to be ready at any time because Shecky could have a panic attack at anytime time.

Shecky Got Fired 

Shecky was one of the best comedy performers in the 60s and 70s. 

It took him many years to get himself on the stage and perform well because he had stage fright. 

There were times when he wanted to leave stage act because of stage fright, but as he was making good money, which helped with his livelihood, he couldn’t. 

He also got into alcohol addiction, which harmed his career a lot. 

He misbehaved and got himself into heated conversations under the influence of alcohol, which got him fired from the places where he goes to perform. 

Despite everything, his career didn’t slip out of his hand, all because of his talent. 

He was one of the best performers, which made the people rehire again.

Shecky Preferred Old Las Vegas

Shecky gave an interview to Jerry Lewis Show where he compared the old Las Vegas with the new one. 

He came to Las Vegas in 1953 and enjoyed doing acts there. 

Also, he said that the crime rate at that time was nothing compared to now. 

When he was in Las Vegas, he thought of buying a property over there, but at the time, the city was not so developed, so his manager told him that it was a ghost city and not to invest in property over there. 

However, he regretted that decision because, within a few years, the city grew much more significant than before. 

It was beyond Shecky’s expectations, but for him, the old Las Vegas would always be the best, and he had a special place in his heart for old Las Vegas that was full of memories. 

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