Who Is Nancy Goff? Mother Of Jared Goff

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Who Is Nancy Goff? Mother Of Jared Goff

Nancy Goff is the mother of football quarterback Jared Goff, who plays for the Detroit Lions of the National Football League

She is married to Jerry Goff, and they are parents to their two kids, Lauren and Jared.

Children of Nancy Goff.
Children of Nancy Goff. Source: Instagram

Her husband is a former Major League Baseball catcher. She is a mortgage advisor for Flagstar Bank

Nancy Goff's husband and their son.
Nancy Goff's husband and their son. Source: Instagram

Is Nancy's Son Jared Married?

Jared is not married yet but is in a relationship with Christen Harper, a model and actress. 

He met his partner through a dating app. They started dating each other in 2019

They got engaged in 2022 and are planning to get married soon.

Jared Goff with his fiancee.
Jared Goff with his fiancee. Source: Instagram


Her son, Jared, is 29 years old

Net Worth

Her son, Jared, has an estimated net worth of $70 million

Nancy Goff with her son, Jared Goff.
Nancy Goff with her son, Jared Goff. Source: Instagram

Jared Talked About The Game After Losing To Green Bay Packers

Jared's team lost a game against the Green Bay Packers during Week 12 of the 2023 season. 

In a press conference, he said the opponent played better than them. 

He said his team had done a pretty good job with the previous game and hoped to give their best in the division. 

He added the Green Bay Packers are one of the best teams in the league; they rush pretty well. 

He revealed the turnover in the first half was the main problem in the game and the other two games they played before. 

He said the opponent came stronger than them in that game, but that does not mean that they would change their approach to the game. 

He added they are still hunting in all of their division. 

He said his job is to take care of the ball better, but there were times when the ball went in the wrong way in that game, and he added he scrambled and fumbled while trying to throw the ball. 

He said he ignores how many points they win or lose. 

He mentioned once the game is over, whether they lose or win, his focus is on what they will do next. 

He said they could improve their efficiency and play on offense. 

Jared Talked About Dan Campbell

Jared plays for the Detroit Lions, and Dan Campbell is the team's head coach. 

In an interview, Jared talked about his relationship with Dan

He said that Dan has played a massive part in shaping his career and he was fortunate enough to play for him. 

He said everyone knows about his energy and uniqueness. He added Dan is a brilliant and funny person. 

He further mentioned that people do not realize how high his emotional and intelligence quotient is. 

He added that Dan has a remarkable ability to read a room and lead people differently. 

Jared Talked About The Difference Between Being Coached By Dan And Sean

Jared joined Los Angeles Ram in 2017, and Sean McVay coached him. 

In 2021, he was traded to the Detroit Lions in exchange for quarterback Matthew Stafford.

He said he shared a different relationship with Sean and said he changed many things in him when he was playing for him. 

He revealed when he was playing for Sean, they constantly talked about schemes and used to make sure that everyone was on the same page, whereas in the case of Dan, he did not need to have much discussion with him. 

He said he enjoyed his time with both of them but said they are entirely different regarding coaching. 

He added Dan is more old school than Sean.

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