Who Is Nancy Wright? Mother Of Adam Driver

by Manisha Sun Dec 10 2023 Updated On Sat Jan 13 2024
Who Is Nancy Wright? Mother Of Adam Driver

Nancy Wright is the mother of actor Adam Driver. She was married to Joe Douglas Driver. She is from Indiana

She got separated from her husband when her son was seven years old. She worked as a legal assistant

Son's Married Life

Her son, Adam, has happily married Joanne Tucker since 2013. He met his partner while attending Julliard in New York City

Joanne is an actress

Despite being the public figure, both are very private and do not share much about their family. 

They are parents to their two beautiful kids.

Adam Driver and his wife.
Adam Driver and his wife. Source: Pinterest


Adam is 40 years old

Net Worth

Adam's net worth is estimated to be $16 million

Adam Will Never Return To Comic Con

In an interview, Adam said that he disliked comic conventions. 

He shared his first experience of attending Comic-Con. 

He added he did not know that he was not going to like Comic Con, and also, he was not aware of the rules of Comic Con.

He shared he got to a hotel at 2 a.m. 

They asked him if he needed anything, and he said he did not want anything at that moment but that he would get a cup of coffee the next day. 

They told him that he couldn’t get coffee, so he told them he would get coffee at his hotel, and they also didn’t allow that. 

They asked him if they had some masks in their bags, and if he put on a mask, he would get coffee. 

He added they gave him the option of an Iron Man mask. 

He said they wanted him to wear makeup if he wanted to get outside because Star Wars Force Awakens had not come out then. 

He said he was no longer excited to return to Comic-Con after that.

Adam Bought A Pair Of Jordans From His First Paycheck

Adam got his first big paycheck when he did Law and Order. He bought a pair of Jordans from his paycheck. 

He said he had money for shoes, but he could never afford to buy Jordans for himself. 

So when he became an actor and got his salary, he spent it on a pair of Jordans. 

He said he didn’t know what kind of Jordan he bought then as he grabbed the first one he saw. 

He said he had never worn those shoes. He said he bought them just because he wanted them. 

He said his Jordans are on his shelves, and he never looks at them; they have dust all over them. 

Adam Talked Why He Agreed To Do 65

Adam played the role of a space pilot in a science fiction movie, 65, which was released in 2023. 

He said he got in that movie because of dinosaurs and laser guns. 

He said they were in the middle of the first wave of the pandemic, and he was talking about dinosaurs with his son daily. 

He said he wanted to be part of something big that the families could watch on a bigger scale. 

He said he had not played anything like that before and was interested.

Adam Gifted His Star Wars figurines.

Adam said that he never thought being in Star Wars would be a life-changing role for him. 

He said people gifted him his figurines as a Christmas gift, and he gifted them his adult male friend as he thought he would be funny. 

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