Who Is Nanette Bledel? Mother Of Alexis Bledel

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Who Is Nanette Bledel? Mother Of Alexis Bledel

Nanette Bledel is the mother of actress and model Alexis Bledel. Her husband's name is the late Martin Bledel

Nanette worked as a flight attendant. She has two children named Eric David and Alexis.

She is an American-Mexican citizen by her nationality. 

Married Life of Nanette

Nanette was married to her husband, Martin Bledel. They were married till the last breath of Martin.

Her husband, Martin, died at the age of 72 in 2021.

Who is Nanette's Daughter Married?

Alexis was married to Vincent Kartheiser. They started dating back in 2012, and they finally tied the knot two years after dating.

They have a son together. Alexis and her ex-husband ended their eight years of marriage in August 2022. 

Nanette Bledel's daughter, Alexis Bledel.
Nanette Bledel's daughter, Alexis Bledel. Source: Instagram


Nanette is 72 years old. Her net worth is not known, but her daughter Alexis has a net worth of $6 Million.

Alexis Speaking Spanish Is Secret 

Alexis is a well-known actress and has gained massive popularity from her show Gilmore Girls. 

In one of the interviews, Alexis discovered that many people don’t know about her being Spanish

She grew up in Spain and is very good at speaking Spanish. 

She is very white, so people think she doesn’t know the Spanish language, and when people hear her speaking so fluently, they are surprised. 

She remembered the incident that happened to her when she was seven years old.

She went to get the haircut, and two ladies were talking in Spanish, thinking that Alexis won’t understand. 

One lady said she cut her big chunk of hair, and another told her to tuck it in, saying that Alexis would never know or notice. 

She freaked out and didn’t give any tips.

Alexis's Trip To Europe

As an actress, Alexis hardly gets time off from her busy schedule, but she gets two months off from her work. She prefers travelling, and one of her best trips was to Europe.

She went to Tuscany with her friends and had a great time there. 

She took cooking classes and learned many new things over there. Mostly she ate delicious food during that trip. 

She ate five meals in a day and had great fun. 

Alexis loves all types of cuisine, and the best part of her learning is cooking, as she got to eat lots of tasty foods. 

She is in love with Wendy’s chicken nuggets and finds them much tastier than McDonald's chicken nuggets. 

Wendy has different types of sauces, and barbecue is her favourite one. She loves the crispiness and white meat of Wendy’s.

Uncomfortable Doing Make-Out Scenes With Junior Costars 

Alexis looked much younger than her actual age. In one of the interviews, she talked about the disadvantage of looking more youthful than her age. 

There she opened up that she got carded many times when goes to the bar. 

She was 24 years old at that time but looked like a teenager, so it got difficult for her sometimes. 

Talking about her work, she sometimes had to play the character of 18 years old, and sometimes she does have to work with co-stars that are 18 or 17 years old.

She felt very uncomfortable when she had to perform a make-out scene with them. 

She feels that whatever she is doing is wrong.

Alexis Kept Her Child Birth Secret 

Alexis was married to actor Vincent Kartheiser for many years. Looking back at her relationship history, it’s clear that Alexis is a very private person. 

She and her ex-husband kept their relationship out of the spotlight when they started dating. 

They also got married very privately in 2014. A year after their marriage, they had their first child together. 

But Alexis didn’t open up about her childbirth for a long time. 

People would never know about her having a child if her co-star didn’t mention it in an interview. 

She never talked about her son; they still haven’t revealed their son’s identity. 

Alexis and her ex-husband had great marriage life together, but in August 2022, it was known that they got divorced.

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