Who Is Naomi Bettie Allen? Daughter Of Jimmie Allen

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Who Is Naomi Bettie Allen? Daughter Of Jimmie Allen

Naomi Bettie Allen is the daughter of country music singer and songwriter Jimmie Allen

She was born in 2020. She has one sister, Zara, and one half-brother, Aadyn Allen.

Parents Married Life

Jimmie is happily married to Alexis Allen. They met each other in 2019, and they got engaged in the same year. 

They tied the knot in 2020 in a private ceremony. They share two kids. On April 21, 2023, they announced they would become parents for the third time. 

Parents of Naomi Bettie Allen.
Parents of Naomi Bettie Allen. Source: Pinterest

Jimmie And His Wife Are Working In Their Relationship

Jimmie and Alexis announced their separation in April.

He said that he had been trying to fix his family. 

Their divorce hearing is still in process and has not been finalized. He said that both of them are trying to solve things together.

Jimmie Did Many Odd Job

Jimmie gave an interview with Jennifer Hudson where he talked about the jobs that he worked before he got into American Idol.

Jennifer started the interview by saying that she and Jimmie both came from an American idol.

She was in the 7th place as Jimmie was in 40 position. Jimmie then talked about his friendship with Scotty McCreary and Lauren Elena

He shares a good relationship with them and said that Scotty was the first artist who took him on his first tour. 

Jimmie then opened up about the odd jobs that he did before going to American Idol

Being an American idol and making a singing career was his dream, and he struggled a lot to achieve it. 

In 2007, he moved to Nashville in search of a good career. He had $21 dollars in his bank account and was having a very hard time. 

He drove his Chery Malibu down the streets to Craigslist, where he found a trailer. 

He decided to live in it, but there was no electric line, so he had to go to the gas station to blow air into his air mattress. 

He lived there for some time, and after that, he started living in his car. 

He had to survive anyhow, so he picked any job he could do. He worked as an overnight stack at Walmart server and collected travel waste management agenda at middle school. 

When he worked in the middle, he learned that middle school boys are disgusting because they used to pee on the floor. 

He felt that there was no need for the toilet because boys would just pee right on the floor. 

Jimmie never felt bad about the jobs that he did because he always believed that he needed to support his dream until his dream supported him. 


Naomi was born on 1 March 2020, and her current age is 3.

Net Worth

Her father Jimmie's net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million.

Naomi Bettie Allen with her brother.
Naomi Bettie Allen with her brother. Source: Instagram

Jimmie Wants To Stick To Country Music

In an interview, Jimmie revealed that he turned down millions of dollars from well-known hip-hop labels to stay country. 

He revealed he was broke then but didn't take that offer. 

He said that he always wanted to do country music and was stubborn about his choice. 

He shared that he was into country music and wanted to make the most out of it. 

He said he was the only black guy who wanted to pursue a career in country music. 

Jimmie Talked About Being In Dancing With The Stars

Jimmie was in Dancing with the Stars season 30. He said he didn’t dance on stage as he likes to move on beat. 

He shared he has three moves, which he does according to his preference. 

He mentioned he was a non-dancer, and picking up moves and learning them quickly was hard. 

He admitted he was surprised he had made it so far in the competition. 

He revealed he would lip-sync every song as he enjoyed dancing to it. 

He said he had a great time in the show and didn't regret anything from the front. He added he made good friends in the front and is still in touch with them. 

Jimmie Talked About His Grammy Nomination

Jimmie was nominated in the category of best artist at the 2023 GRAMMYs.

He said he was in New York when he got the news. He told his manager to call him and break the news to him. 

He was stunned to hear that. He said it took him a while to process the news. 

He said that even though he didn’t win it, being nominated is a big deal as an artist. 

Jimmie Talked About How He Got Discovered

Jimmie shared that he got discovered at writers' round at a grocery store in Franklin by Ash Bowers, his manager now. 

He said they have a stage where two or three songwriters sing their songs. 

Ash found him accidentally. He shared that he went to play on that stage because someone canceled, and he had to fill the place. Ash's songwriter withdrew him, so he was also looking for one. 

Fortunately, both of them happened to be in the same place. Ash signed him two weeks later. 

Ash is also an artist, so Jimmie loves him because he understands him from the artist's point of view. 

He said that was why he chose him to be his manager. He even wrote a song with him for his new singles. 

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