Who Is Naomi​​ Naomi i? Stunning Girlfriend Of Breel Embolo

by Sushant Thu Oct 20 2022 Updated On Thu Nov 24 2022
Who Is Naomi​​ Naomi i? Stunning Girlfriend Of Breel Embolo

Naomi Naomi i is famous for being the girlfriend of professional football player Breel Embolo.

Relationship Between Naomi And Breel 

Naomi and Breel are yet remained to be married. They have been dating each other since their teenage and have the same residency. 

Naomi​​ Naomi i with her boyfriend, Breel Embolo.
Naomi​​ Naomi i with her boyfriend, Breel Embolo. Source: Twitter

Children Of Naomi And Breel 

Naomi and Breel are beloved parents of two children. Their first child was a daughter named Naliya

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Naliya was born on June 28, 2018. Their second child was a son named Clay Enzo. Clay was born in December 2019. 

Naomi's daughter Naliya.
Naomi's daughter Naliya. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Naomi are under review. 

Instead, her boyfriend, Breel, is 25 years old, and his net worth is estimated to be $6.8 million.

He was paid an amount of $11.8 million while signing a contract of four years with Ligue 1 club Monaco on July 15, 2022. 

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  Naomi's boyfriend and son.
Naomi's boyfriend and son. Source: Instagram

Introduction Of Breel 

Breel was born on February 14, 1997, in Yaounde, Cameroon

He has played in the position of forward for Ligue 1 club Monaco since 2022 and also plays for the national team of Switzerland since 2015.

Money Can't Change The Characteristics Of Breel

In an interview, Breel said that in this world, nothing is given to us; many people don’t have basic needs, so we humans should know about this. 

He gave his own example as he came from nothing. 

Currently, he is living a professional life and has more money, but that money does not make sense to affect his characteristics. 

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Foundation Of Breel For Social Work 

Breel is running a foundation named The Embolo Foundation. His father, Germaine, is the manager of the foundation. 

The objective of the foundation is to help refugee children in Switzerland.

They also have helped children outside the country, like Cameroon and Peru. 

It was established 44 years ago and still helping out many people and doing a lot of voluntary. 

Breel said that he never asked to donate in public to the foundation. It depends on people’s own decisions because they must know why they are helping the needy.

The Family Has A Different Priority Than Football For Breel

For Breel, family and football differ from each other. 

Between the round of sixteen and the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup, he flew over from Russia after finishing a match with Costa Rica to experience the birth of his first child Naliya

He said it was the best experience in his life. The most important for him during those periods was the health of Naliya and Naomi. 

He prayed and thanked God for having them healthy life till now. 

Football Is Not Only A Game But Also A Challenge For Breel

According to Breel, playing football generally carries a lot of pressure that every player has to deal with. 

Players' mentality is also different; some players might feel relaxed, and some try to be strict. 

When players get on the pitch, they must be serious and sincere toward their game. 

Sometimes they should also have some fun to create a beautiful environment for getting cool down, said Breel. 

But the fun should not be more so that it would mess up all your focus on the game. 

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