Naomi Yomtov

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Naomi Yomtov

Naomi Yomtov is a producer and writer and is well known as being the wife of a famous American actor, comedian, director, and producer Bob Odenkirk

Naomi has two children, a boy, and a girl. Nathan Odenkirk is their son, and Erin Odenkirk is their daughter. 

Married Life

In the 1990s, her husband Bob was having a romantic issue with actress Janeane Garofalo, his fellow mate. 

But they were not serious for a long time commitment so they separated. 

Naomi first saw Bob at a comedy show in 1994, and after seeing him, she had a crush on him. 

She felt awkward at first to talk to him directly, but after their mutual friend introduced them to each other, they started talking. 

Bob also liked her, and they began dating after sometimes of their first met.

In 1997, Bob and Naomi got married to each other. They welcomed their first child Nathan Odenkirk in 1998.

Their second child Erin Odenkirk was born in 2000

Naomi Tomtov with her husband, Bob
Naomi Tomtov with her husband, Bob  Source: Instagram

Naomi Yomtov’s Son Suffered from Coronavirus

Naomi has a son and a daughter with Bob. Naomi’s son had asthma for a long period and tested positive for the coronavirus in 2020

It was a very scary situation for Naomi and her family. He had respiratory problems from an early age, and the virus made it worst. 

Naomi’s son Nathan was suffering from a lot and having severe pain in the throat. 

After more than two weeks, he finally recovered from coronavirus. This made Naomi and her family felt relieved.

Naomi Yomtov son Nathan Odenkirk
Naomi Yomtov son Nathan Odenkirk   Source: Instagram

Bob Odenkirk Got Injured While Doing a Movie

Bob worked on a movie named “Nobody.” It was one of his hit movies. 

In this movie, he did his stunts and fighting scenes. He did it perfectly but got injured badly. 

His pelvis was broken, his teeth were also broken, and he had his kidney injured. 

He got stitches on his face and was even knocked down during a scene. He believes that actors should do their fight scenes. 

Bob Odenkirk Fainted on Set

On 27 July 2021, Bob was on the set of “Better Call Saul.” He and his crew were filming for the sixth season of “Better Call Saul.” 

During the shoot, Bob suddenly collapsed on the set. This was a shock for everyone. his crew member called an ambulance and then rushed into the hospital. 

He is now receiving medical care. 

Emotional Talking about his Late Friend

Bob Odenkirk gave an interview to "TheEllenShow." There in that interview, he talked about his late friend and kids. 

It was his first time on Ellen's show. Ellen started the interview by talking about Bob's movie Breaking Bad which was a great hit. 

Before doing the film, Bob was a stand-up comedian. He and Ellen had worked on the same stage for a long time.

At that same time, Bob remembered his late friend Gary Shandling, a good friend of him. 

He said he met his friend Gary a few days back before he died. He was at an event of Kathy Griffins, and there he met Gary for the last time. 

He said that Gary was a very humble and sweet friend, and at the time when he met him, he was doing completely ok. 

For Bob, receiving Gary's death news was shocking and everyone out there who knew Gary was also shocked.

Gary is a good person, and whenever he met other people, he always asked them how they were doing and tried his best to learn about their works. 

He said that one should always tell others what they feel because we might not know what will happen the next day.

On the other hand, Ellen told us to appreciate our life and appreciate the people and everything that we have in our life. 

Bob remembered the day when he used to go to his friend Gary's house and play basketball as he had a basketball court in his house and Bob had spent many years playing there. 

He stopped going there and playing after his kids were born, and sadly, he couldn't. 

Then he talked about his movie Better Call Saul where he revealed that his children never showed up in his show premieres. 

When he told them about him being a part of Ellen's show, his children gave him a normal reaction saying that it's cool and they love that show. 

His son even said that his dad was on every show, every favorite show, and by looking at his son, he knew that his son was not happy about that. 

To know more about the interview, do check the link.

Almost Got Killed

Bob gave an interview TODAY, where he talked about an incident that happened with him and his memoir. The interview started with Bob sharing about an incident. 

He opened up that he passed out while shooting his show Better Call Saul. It was the final season, and he was there with his whole cast filming a scene. 

He was there in the waiting area with some other great actors, and suddenly he blanked out. He said he was lucky that he was in that area because if he was somewhere else, he couldn't survive. 

He was helped by a health officer named Rosa, who served for army forces as a medic. She came there, and she gave him CPR. 

That is how Rosa was able to save his life. He said that he didn't have a heart attack at that time, but it was just a heart incident. 

He got to know about his getting heart incident when he was there for his checkup. He doesn't know what's different between a heart incident and a heart attack. 

But when that happened to him, he didn't breathe at all, and his heart was Arrhythmic. He came out from the mouth of death, so he values his life. 

He then talked about the most liked thing that he did in Showbiz, and it was Chris's habit of not letting go before he makes everyone laugh hard in the show. 

A video clip was played over there, showing Chris trying his best to make the people laugh. 

He has written his memoir titled Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama: A Memoir and hopes that many people read it.

Net Worth

As of today, the net worth of Bob is $16 Million. His source of income is an actor, comedian, writer, director, and producer.

Age, Height, and Weight

Naomi was born in 1974, and her current age is 47 years old. She is an American citizen. 

Her husband Bob is currently 58 years old.

About Bob Odenkirk

Bob was born on 22 October 1962 in Berwyn, Illinois, in the United States to Barbara Odenkirk and Walter Odenkirk.

His real name is Robert John Odenkirk. He has six siblings. 

His parents divorced as his father was an alcoholic. This is the reason he hates both his father and alcohol. 

He was later raised in Naperville. He started his journey as an RJ in a college station and wrote a comedy. 

He then began writing for shows until he was cast in “The Ben Stiller Show” in 1992

He then started doing other shows and films. He didn’t get much fame in his career until he was cast in “Breaking Bad.” 

He gained a lot of appreciation for his role in that movie. 

Naomi Yomtov husband Bob Odenkirk
Naomi Yomtov husband Bob Odenkirk   Source: Instagram

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