Natalia Dyer Diet And Workout Routine In 2 Minutes Read

by Pragya Tue Jul 05 2022 Updated On Thu Jul 14 2022
Natalia Dyer Diet And Workout Routine In 2 Minutes Read

Natalia Dyer is an American actress well known for her role in Nancy Wheeler in the Netflix series Strangers Things. 

Besides being an acting diva, she is also cautious about her workout and diet.

So here is the information about Natalia's diet and workout 

Natalia Dyer toned body
Natalia Dyer toned body Source: Instagram

Exercise To Stay In Shape

Natalia doesn't go to the gym. 

She does intense exercise at her home and works on her body so that she can keep herself away from gaining weight. 

She has a very intense workout routine, and the workout that she does mostly serves in cardio. 

She works out for about an hour 5 times a week. 

Her cardio set includes Jumping jacks, Push-ups, high plank leg, squats, Jack, Burpees and others. 

Keeping Herself Alert 

Natalia tries to keep herself busy with her work. 

She does that because she doesn't want to be lazy and prone to obesity. 

She tries to do all her work by herself without being lazy, which actually helps her to be physically active. 

She does her household work instead of resting during her free time. 

Sushi As Diet Food 

Natalia is very concerned about her eating habits too. 

She prefers eating Avocado Toast and coffee for breakfast, but she likes eating burgers and sushi at lunch. 

For dinner, she eats sushi and cookie. Seeing her diet plan, we can assume she is a big sushi lover. 

She also eats junk food like fries sometimes. 

Natalia Dyer enjoying her fries
Natalia Dyer enjoying her fries Source: Instagram

Skincare For Clean Skin 

Natalia has very sensitive skin, so she loves using the very gentle product on her skin. 

In her teen days, she had a lot of pimples, but now she tries to keep her skincare very minimal, and she uses cleansers and moisturizer that is super dry and doesn't damage her sensitive skin. 

Her diet has also been a major factor in her good skin. 

Natalia's Body Made Everyone Shocked

Natalia is in her late 20s and has a very thin and toned body. 

She only weighs about 105 pounds, and her height is 1.63 m. As she is so tall, her weight doesn't match her height.

She looks very thin, making people think she is suffering from a health issue.

Anorexia Causing Problem For Natalia 

While many people think about Natalia being underweight, she opens up about her suffering from Anorexia.

This disorder is causing difficulty for Natalia as her disorder generates fear in her about weight gaining. 

She eats very less food as she is scared of gaining weight. 

This order has made Natalia worried about losing weight, and because of that, she is underweight.

Yoga Is Her Favorite Exercise 

Natalia loves doing exercises, and among her workouts, she loves Yoga sessions. 

She does yoga four times a week. Yoga helps in releasing stress and makes the body ease. 

She does yoga so that she can keep herself mentally fit as well as physically. Yoga makes people alert, calm and fit. 

Because of the great benefits of Yoga, Natalia's favorite exercise is yoga. 

She follow different Yoga ways to maintain her health.

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