Natalia Leteri

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Natalia Leteri

Natalia Leteri is the ex-wife of English professional football player Jorginho. She was born in Brazil. 

Natalia has two children with her ex-husband Jorginho. She follows Christianity. She is an English citizen.

Natalia Leteri with her ex-husband, Jorginho and their son.
Natalia Leteri with her ex-husband, Jorginho, and their son. Source: Facebook

Marriage And Children

Natalia was married to Jorginho. They tied the knot back in 2017. Before getting married, they dated each other for eight years

After two years of marriage, they decided to end it and got divorced. They have two children together.

Natalia Leteri with her ex-husband, Jorginho.
Natalia Leteri with her ex-husband, Jorginho. Source: Facebook

Who is Jorginho dating now? 

As of 2022, he is dating Catherine Harding. They have a son together named Jax.

His current girlfriend also has a child from her ex-husband. 

Jorginho with his current girlfriend, Catherine Harding.
Jorginho with his current girlfriend, Catherine Harding. Source: Instagram

Jorginho Almost Gave Up On His Football Career

Jorginho is one of the talented football players in the world. He started his football journey when he was too young and his journey was not easy at all. 

Like many other players, he has also struggled to reach where is now. He was born to his parents as Jorge Luiz Frello Fiho and his parents have been really very supportive of his football journey. 

Her mom was the one who pushed him to play football when he was little. Jorginho was only 4 years old when he joined the local football team. 

At first, the coach of the team denied taking Jorginho as the required age to enter football school was 6. But then the coach agreed to take Jorginho in after seeing his skills. 

At the age of 13, Jorginho enrolled himself in football school where he had to face many difficulties. He was forced to eat the same food thrice a day and had to shower in cold water during winter. 

Because of the hard time that he faced in school, he got matured earlier than his age. 

When Jorginho reached the age of 15, he took the big decision of leaving Brazil and moving to Italy for a better football career. 

There was a time when he nearly gave up on his football career. He was all alone by himself and was sharing a room with his other five mates. 

He was paid only 20 euros per week which created so many problems for him. Jorginho later learned that the agent was paid 30,000 Euros but he was only getting 20 Euros which made him feel broken. 

He called his mom and told her that he wanted to end his football career and return home. 

Jorginho’s mom stayed by his side and encouraged him not to do so as he was close to the future that Jorginho wanted for himself. His mom's motivation actually helped him a lot in his journey.


Her ex-husband is 30 years old.

Net Worth 

Her ex-husband's net worth is $20 Million

Natalia Leteri with her children.
Natalia Leteri with her children. Source: Facebook

Ex-Husband Is Good At Dancing

Jorginho and his teammate Thiago Silva gave an interview at Pro: Direct Soccer where they talked about each other and revealed things about each other. 

Jorginho revealed that he had less sense of clothing compared to Silva but had a great hairstyle than Silva.

He and Silva both agreed that Silva is better at football between them. 

Not because of his skills and talent but because of Silva's experience compared to him.

Talking about dancing, he revealed that he knew how to dance, and there was no doubt that he was a better dancer than Silva.

Jorginho Thanked Criticizers As Well

Jorginho won the best player award, which was not something anyone could easily get. 

He has won a lot of valuable awards, and it was one of them.

While receiving the award, he not only thanked his well-wishers and close ones but also thanked the people who criticized him and doubted him. 

When asked why he did that, the answer was simple for him. 

He expressed that without those people, he couldn’t have reached the level he is at now. 

He said that although they didn’t say anything good for him, they motivated him to be even better daily. 

They pushed him to prove them wrong by doing his best, which is one reason he was able to reach the top. 

Jorginho Is Best With Mind

Jorginho is one of the brilliant players who has achieved many titles that not many can achieve. 

He was built as a player by Sarri, who trained him and gave him many opportunities to improve. 

He is not the fastest player on his team, nor is he the strongest one. 

He doesn’t have the physical ability like many of his teammates. 

But what he expressed is that he is great with his mind. He revealed that he plays with his mind, which helps him score and assist. 

He knows what’s coming and statically tries to beat it rather than with his physic or speed.

Jorginho's Mother Also A Football Player

Jorginho and his mother, Maria, had a conversation online where they talked about their past and their time together when he was just a kid. 

Maria started by comparing the medals of her and her son as she was also a football player.

She revealed that she only had 16 trophies, whereas her son had more than 40 and is still playing. 

She opened up that Jorginho was always attracted to football and always wanted to play with balls. 

Hence she bought a plastic ball for him to play with at the beach. 

She said they were financially weak then, and playing at home was not possible for her son. Hence she used to take him to the beach. 

Maria expressed that love for football was always there in her family. 

Hence she didn’t want to take football away from him. Deep down, she knew her son would be a great football player.

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