Who Is Natalie Compagno? Sister Of Emily Compagno

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Who Is Natalie Compagno? Sister Of Emily Compagno

Natalie Compagno is the sister of Emily Compagno, television personality, attorney, host, and former National Football League cheerleader.

Her parents are Katherine and John Compagno.

Natalie Compagno's mom and sister.
Natalie Compagno's mom and sister. Source: Instagram

Is Emily Married?

Emily is happily married to Peter Riley, who is a real estate agent by profession. They tied the knot in 2017

Their wedding ceremony was very private. They met each other when they were teenagers. 

According to the sources, they met by chance on a Seattle sidewalk. They don’t share children yet. 

Emily Compagno with her husband.
Emily Compagno with her husband. Source: Pinterest


Her sister Emily is 42 years old

Net Worth

Her sister Emily's net worth is estimated to be $3 million. She has managed to earn this fortune from her career as an attorney, professional cheerleading, and Tv personality.

The main contributor to her net worth is her show Fox News. 

Natalie Compagno's sister Emily Compagno.
Natalie Compagno's sister Emily Compagno. Source: Instagram

Emily Spoke About Her Cheerleading Days

Emily was a professional cheerleader. She was the captain of the Oakland Raiderettes cheerleader team. 

In an interview, she said that football had beautifully impacted her life. She loves football. 

She added she was happy to be rooting for Oakland Raiderettes

She said she had a fantastic experience being the face of the franchise. 

During that time, she got a chance to get involved in a lot of charitable work throughout the country. 

She said the franchise gave her an ambassadorial position to represent their support to the troops and Army. 

She even flew to Kuwait and Iraq, and paying tribute to their service is the highlight of her career. 

Being An Attorney Was Emily's Second Option 

When she was small, Emily always wanted to be a fighter pilot or astronaut. When she grew up, she even joined the air force. 

She wanted to be a NASA test pilot and astronaut. She was fascinated by planes and used to admire Neil Armstrong

To pursue that, she joined a college in meteorology. 

She was close to being on that field, but at the last moment, she asked herself if she had to do that. 

She found that it was not the right thing for her. So she didn't pursue that; law school was her backup plan. 

She said that she had an opportunity to visit many places, and she was aware of the condition of those places. 

So she decided to take advantage of her country's educational system and serve those people. 

She added her grandparent also immigrated to the US because of the worse situation in Sicily, Italy.

She said her father worked hard for her, and she wanted to utilize her knowledge as her power and help people as an attorney. 

She wanted to honor her parents by taking advantage of her education and opportunity and making a difference by being an attorney. 

She ended up joining law school after that.

A Lesser Known Fact About Emily

Emily was a lead cheerleader for Oakland Raiderettes. She has graduated from the University of Washington.

She is a very successful attorney. She has won several cases during her career. 

She specialized in criminal defense. During her time in Army, she was an Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps member

Her surname means friendliness in Italian. She has appeared in several talk shows and Tv shows. 

She comes from a good family. She came into the limelight after she became the co-host of a show called Outnumbered in 2017.

She joined Fox News Media in 2018. She has a great interest in auto racing. She is also a philanthropist.

She has visited many places to do charitable work.

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