Who Is Natalie Fullkrug? Mother Of Niclas Fullkrug

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Natalie Fulkrug is the mother of German professional football player Niclas Fullkrug. She is married to her husband, Andreas Fullkrug.  

She has two children, a daughter named Anna and a son named Niclas, with her husband. 

She follows Christianity. She is a German citizen

Children of Natalie Fulkrug.
Children of Natalie Fulkrug. Source: Instagram

About Natalie's Son Niclas 

Niclas is a German professional football player who currently plays for the Bundesliga club Werder Bremen in the forward position.

He is also a national player and currently playing for Germany in FIFA World Cup 2022

He was born in the year 1993 in Hanover, Germany

Married Life Of Niclas 

Niclas is married to his wife, Lisa Fullkrug. The couple has been married for a while and has a baby girl. 

Niclas shared about his wife's pregnancy through his Instagram. They also revealed that them having a baby girl before she was born. 

The couple is happily living with their child together. About their marriage life, Niclas and his wife haven't talked much about it.

Niclas Fullkrug with his wife, Lisa Fullkrug.
Niclas Fullkrug with his wife, Lisa Fullkrug. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Natalie's age and net worth are unknown. Her son Niclas is 29 years old. 

He has a net worth of between $1 to $5 Million

Natalie Did Not Restrict Her Daughter From Anything

Natalie’s son Niclas is a well-known football player for bugger teams, whereas her daughter Anne Lena plays for Hannover. 

According to Anne, as a child, she was never restricted to doing anything by Natalie or any person that a boy would do. 

She used to hang out with her brother and other boys and play football. Not just football, but she was active in sports and activities. 

But Niclas revealed that Anne played everything but not Pokémon. Anna also admitted that she hates the Pokémon game. 

But as Natalie and other people didn’t restrict him, she learned a lot from other boys and her brother, which led her to become a professional football player.

Niclas Didn’t Join The First Training Session In Qatar

Niclas and his team arrived in Qatar for their World Cup match. 

The team was ready for the game and was about to start training in Qatar’s ground for further progress. 

Niclas was one of the hidden players of the team as he was named in the squad in the last number. 

As the Bundesliga's top scorer this season, people and the team were expecting much from his side, but to everyone’s surprise, he didn’t even appear in the first training session in Qatar for Germany. 

It was later revealed that the forward had the flu and would need some rest for the best results.

Fans Got Crazy Over Niclas’s Wikipedia

Niclas scored a goal against Spain for his team Germany keeping them still alive in the group stage and saving them in World Cup 2022. 

After that, people searched for him, and facts about him on Wikipedia were found crazy and weird.

It was revealed that he was once hospitalized because of the teeth of his teammate. His teammate’s teeth hurt his forehead. 

Moreover, the forward is nicknamed “Lucke “referencing the Gap in his front teeth. 

It didn’t get weirder after it was revealed that he listens to the song Eye of the tiger of Survivors.

Niclas Is Connected To The City

Niclas plays in Werder Bremen in Bundesliga, and after joining in 2019, his contract was extended in 2022

When asked about his decision, he said it was not difficult to decide about his career as he had always been connected to the club and the city. 

He revealed that he went to schools and college in Bremen and played in the club’s academy. 

In the senior team, he also debuted for the first time with the same team, and after returning to the club again, he felt at home. 

According to him, Werder Bremen is one of the top clubs in the Bundesliga, and he is proud to be on the team and sees the future with the club.

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