Who Is Natalie Reisman? Wife Of Basil Iwanyk

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Who Is Natalie Reisman? Wife Of Basil Iwanyk

Natalie Reisman is the wife of film producer Basil Iwanyk, founder of Thunder Road and mostly known for the John Wick franchise, Greenland, and Sicario

Natalie Reisman with her husband, Basil Iwanyk.
Natalie Reisman with her husband, Basil Iwanyk. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Natalie got married to Basil in 2008. She has two children with her husband. She has one more son named Jacob Garner from her previous relationship.

Children of Natalie Reisman.
Children of Natalie Reisman. Source: Instagram


Natalie is 50 years old.

Net Worth

Natalie's husband's net worth is estimated to be $12 million

Basil Shares His Thoughts On The Web Series The Continental

Basil and Eric Lee produced a web series called The Continental, a crime drama miniseries. 

When Basil was asked why they made a series instead of a movie, it had considerable potential for box-office collection. 

He replied that it was always meant to be a web series. 

He said they have to speed up their storytelling when it comes to the movie's structure, and there is no time to stop. 

He shared they had to introduce the character's idea and theme to the audience, so they thought that with television, they had more space to explore than film. 

He said he is a movie person, but everything fell into place for the web series, and they went for it. 

He added whether it is a movie or a TV show, both are made to entertain the viewers. 

Though the path and process were different for the film and web series, the emotions were the same. 

Basil Talked About Mel Gibson

Basil said that Mel is a crazy person but in a funny way. 

He said he has a great combination of a good sense of humor and physicality and intensity. 

He shared Mel has an incredible things going on behind those beautiful eyes. 

He said people had never thought he would grow as an actor like that and he was glad to see him achieve things like a movie star. 

Basil Talked About What Was New York In The 70s. 

Basil said that he loved New York in the 70s, and they made the best stories then. 

He said the costumes and characters back in the 70s were impressive and top-notch. 

He said there were no strict laws back then, and he added it was exciting to see New York turn into the fancy place it is today. 

He said he grew up in New York in the late 70s, and if anyone went to the Lower East Side or Brooklyn, they would have probably been stabbed, but now the place has become the most expensive real estate in Manhattan

He said a lot of changes have happened over the years. He told the New York characters are tough, funny, and temporal. 

He said the City is a great place for telling lively stories.

What Would Iwanyk Do If John Wick Was His Friend?

John Wick is a fictional character played by Keanu Reeves in the movie John Wick, produced by Basil Iwanyk in 2013

When Basil was asked what advantage he would take from John Wick if he were his friend, he said he would have killed many people, especially a ginger-haired guy who haunts him. 

He said he would ask John to kill them gently and ensure he doesn’t brutally kill them. 

He said he would employ John's services and scare people around him, telling them that John is by his side so that they would treat him better. 

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