Nate Odenkirk

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Nate Odenkirk

Nate Odenkirk is the son of Better Call Saul actor Bob Odenkirk. Nate who is also known as Nathan Odenkirk is an actor and comedy scriptwriter. 

Nathan is the elder son of Bob and Naomi Yomtov, who has a sister named Erin Odenkirk. Nathan, 22, has graduated in Political Science from DePaul University. 

He debuted as a child artist in the film "Melvin Goes to Dinner" in 2003, directed by his father Bob and produced by his mother, Naomi

He has also appeared in movies like "Rat B*stard" and "Scrub," and also with his father in the Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2019, where it was shown that he started working as PA in the show. 

Nate has completed his internship at Abso Lutely Productions and worked as the stage manager in Coronet Theatre in Florida.

Nate caught covid-19 virus

Bob spoke about his covid-19 experience, his son Nate experienced several symptoms like fatigue, throat burn, fever but fortunately was not hospitalized. 

Nate Odenkirk with his father Bob Odenkirk
Nate Odenkirk with his father Bob Odenkirk. Source: Instagram

Bob disclosed that Nate's roommate was ill, and he met his son at the airport.  On The Late Show with James Corden, Bob clarified that exposure to the virus affects more than flu. 

Nate, who had started working as a humoristic writer in The Inquirist Magazine, had throat pain which he assumed was painful as cancer. 

Nate's father Bob Odenkirk had a heart attack 

Nate's father, Bob, who is famous for the drama series "Breaking Bad" and its spin-off show "Better Call Saul," was unconscious due to a heart-related issue on the set of Better Call Saul in Mexico

Nate updated that his father was getting recovered as they had helping hands from doctors in the hospital. 

Later, Bob mentioned that he was going to take time to get better. Also, he cleared that he did not need to do surgery in a hospital. 

Nate's parents first meeting and marriage 

Bob, an AMC star, got introduced to Naomi through Bobcat Goldthwait's director in the Santa Monica comedy club. 

Nate Odenkirk's parents Bob Odenkirk and Naomi Yomtov
Nate Odenkirk's parents Bob Odenkirk and Naomi Yomtov. Source: The Sun

Despite Bob having not shown special attention to her that time, Naomi was fond of him. Naomi had started noticing Bob in 1994 at West Hollywood, California, in UnCabaret stage performing comedy. 

Naomi started interacting with Bob at outdoors of comedy club in Santa Monica, California. Eventually they started seeing each other. 

Net worth

Nate's net worth is around $100k– $1 million, and his father Bob's total estimated net worth is roughly around $16 million.

Nate is a comedy scriptwriter in a magazine and has worked as a production assistant in Jimmy Kimmel Live TV Show

His father Bob is already an established actor whose main source of income is acting and has given direction on three movies altogether. 

He has also published his memoir named "Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama." Random House published the book on January 18, 2022, which consists of 304 pages.


Nate was born on December 3, 1998. He is 22 years old by now. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Nate Odenkrik's personal life

Nate does not seem to be open about his relationship. So, there are not many updates about his personal life. 

But it has been found that he has been dating Carmen Levine. His relationship with Carmen might be three years long. 

Nate Odenkirk with his girlfriend Carmen Levine
Nate Odenkirk with his girlfriend Carmen Levine. Source: Instagram

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