Who Is Nathan Thomas Stewart? Son Of Jon Stewart

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Who Is Nathan Thomas Stewart? Son Of Jon Stewart

Nathan Thomas Stewart is the son of Jon Stewart, an American comedian

In 2004, Jon and Tracey welcomed their first child Nathan four years after marriage. 

He has a sibling named Maggie Rose Stewart.

There is not much information about Nathan, but his mom Tracey often shares pictures of him on social media, especially when he was younger. 

Parents of Nathan Thomas Stewart.
Parents of Nathan Thomas Stewart.

In May 2016, Nathan and his mom visited a farm sanctuary and took a photo with a cute cow. 

When Nathan was born, his dad was in his 40s, and he had been hosting his popular show, The Daily Show, for about five years. 

In September 2016, Nathan was seen feeding a baby sheep on his mom’s veterinary account. 

They had to feed sheep round the clock, and many family members happily helped.

Nathan Thomas Stewart with his father.
Nathan Thomas Stewart with his father. Source: Pinterest

About His Sibling 

After two years after Nathan was born, his parents welcomed Maggie Rose Stewart in 2006

At that time, Jon was 42 years old and expressed his excitement and nervousness about raising a girl. 

He joked that with a boy, he might be able to handle any problems by telling him to repress them but with a girl, he didn’t know what to do when she wanted to have tea parties with her stuffed animals. 

Like her older brother Nate, Maggie is often seen on her mom’s Instagram account. 

Her mom posted pictures of her spending time with a horse and her dad spreading happiness to others. 

Nathan Thomas Stewart with his sister.
Nathan Thomas Stewart with his sister. Source: Pinterest


Nathan was born on July 3 in 2004. He is 19 years old as of 2023.

Net Worth

His father, Jon's net worth is about $120 Million

Jon Stewart Talked About Donald Trump

Jon talked about how influential people often escape accountability for their actions, leading to a rise in populism and the emergence of figures like Donald Trump

He criticized how the legal system sometimes applies the law selectively and lets some people get away with financial fraud and corruption without facing the consequences. 

Jon believed everyone should be subject to the rule of law no matter how popular or influential they are. 

He calls for a fair and consistent system that holds everyone accountable for their actions. 

Jon feels that the political satire he made famous has been turned into a business and used by media personalities like Tucker Carlson for their gain. 

Jon Stewart Talked On Improving Political State

Jon believes in the continuous fight for fairness and a society based on sound moral values. 

He admires the hard work of people working in the government and grassroots organizations who strive to make positive changes. 

He knows they face challenges from influential lobbyists and wealthy interests trying to maintain their power and influence. 

He thinks it is essential to use every possible way to overcome these obstacles and make positive changes. 

He believes that there are some honest conservative Republicans who can be allies in this effort to bring about meaningful progress. 

Jon is unhappy with how the political system is closed and divided. 

He points out that false information and lies have been used to manipulate the system. 

This makes it challenging to find common ground and progress in improving society. 

Nathan Dealing With Celiac Disease

Jon talks about his son’s struggle with Celiac disease in 2014

Celiac disease is a severe condition where people cannot eat gluten without getting sick. This means they miss out on many good food. 

Jon wants more awareness and support for people with this disease, even among celebrities. 

For health reasons, he has been trying to educate others about the difference between a gluten-free trend and a necessary gluten-free diet. 

People with Celiac disease face judgment and sometimes have to defend themselves because others may not understand how harmful gluten is for them.

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