Who Is Nathaniel Prescott? Father Of Dax Prescott

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Who Is Nathaniel Prescott? Father Of Dax Prescott

Nathaniel Prescott is the father of American football quarterback Dak Prescott. He belongs to the African ethnicity

He is currently living in Frisco, Texas. He is an American citizen.

Marriage And Children

Nathaniel was married to his former wife Peggy Prescott. They were married a long time back and shared three children together. 

They had three sons named Tad, Jace, and Dak and a daughter named Natalie

Unfortunately, Nathaniel's marriage with Peggy didn't last long as they got divorced. His former wife Peggy died in 2013.

Before getting married to Peggy, Nathaniel was married to another woman. 

The identity of that woman is unknown but he has a son named Elliot from his previous marriage. 

Nathaniel Prescott's late wife and son.
Nathaniel Prescott's late wife and son. Source: Instagram

Nathaniel Failed To Be With His Kids

Nathaniel and his former wife Peggy were married for a few years and through their marriage, they had four children together. 

Sadly their marriage ended and his wife got custody of all the children. 

Peggy took all four children with her and moved away because of that Nathaniel wasn't there to see his children grow up. 

Peggy took the responsibility for all the kids and struggled a lot raising them as a single mom. 

Age And Net Worth 

Nathaniel is 62 years old. His net worth is under review. His son Dax is 29 years old.

He has a net worth of $70 Million.

Nathaniel Prescott's son, Dak Prescott.
Nathaniel Prescott's son, Dak Prescott. Source: Instagram

Nathaniel Kept His Family Close

Nathaniel was described to be not so close to his family at the beginning as his wife Peggy used to take great care of their children. 

But after the death of his wife, he was there for his family. 

Everyone was broken after the death of Peggy, but Nathaniel stuck with every one of the family members and kept them together no matter what. 

It was revealed by his son Ted who has never said anything so special about his father in his lifetime.

Nathaniel also blushed after he got to know what Ted thinks about him. 

He revealed that Peggy asked him to take care of the family as she was too ill and her death was sure to happen. 

Although Nathaniel has broken himself, he kept his promise and kept everyone closer. 

Nathaniel Believed That Peggy Knew She Would Die

Nathaniel revealed in an interview that he knew that Peggy was ill and her illness was getting worst day by day taking her closer to death. 

But Peggy decided to hide it with her children. She thought that it will hurt her kids. 

For Peggy, her children, and her sons were everything. 

She could do anything to make her sons happy and she never wanted to hurt her sons in any way. So, she decided to hide her illness. 

Nathaniel also expressed that she was doing all right in her mind as all she wanted was a happy time with her sons and family. 

Nathaniel also hence didn’t interfere in the decision of his wife. 

Nathaniel Was A Football Player Too

Many people might know Nathaniel as the father of famous football player Dak but it might surprise many people that Nathaniel was also a football player at his time.

It was found that he used to play for Northwestern State and Grambling University. He used to play as the linebacker. 

He didn’t take playing football in a professional way. But he was a hardworking man who used to drive to many places. 

He might not have been with his children and family but he did work for them to provide them with necessary things. 

He was financially helping his family by working hard.

Nathaniel Was Always Involved In His Son Life

Nathaniel is portrayed as a father who has not been with his son when they needed him the most. 

It has always been shown in the media that Dak and his brothers were raised by a single mother. But what Nathaniel said has a way different story. 

He revealed that it was right that he was not present in his children's life for most of the part of their life. But he did support them in the way he could. 

He didn’t have custody of his children but he was working for them. 

He also revealed that he used to travel a greater distance just to see Dak playing football from far away.

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