Who Is Nathaniel William Shue? Son Of Andrew Shue

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Who Is Nathaniel William Shue? Son Of Andrew Shue

Nathaniel William Shue is the son of American actor Andrew Shue. His mom’s name is Jennifer Hageney

He was born in 1996 and is currently 27 years old.

He grew up with his two brothers. He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

About Nathaniel’s Dad Andrew 

Andrew is a professional actor. He is well known for his portrayal of Billy Campbell in the TV series Melrose

He has worked in many movies and TV series throughout his career. 

He was born in 1967 to his parents, Anne and James Shue. He has his birthday on 20 February

Andrew is an American citizen by nationality. 

Married Life Of Andrew 

Andrew is currently unmarried but is involved in a relationship with Marilee Fiebig. 

They got connected after their partners cheated on them and slowly got close and started dating. 

Before his relationship with Marilee, Andrew was married to Amy Robach

The couple met at a book party and got together in no time. They married in 2010 and became a family. 

Sadly, their relationship ended after Amy cheated on him and got divorced in 2023

Andrew is also dad to three sons whom he shares with his first wife, Jennifer Hageney

They married in 1994, and we were together till their divorce in 2008. 

Parents of Nathaniel William Shue.
Parents of Nathaniel William Shue. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Andrew is 56 years old. He has a net worth of $ 20 Million. His source of income is acting

Andrew’s Wife Cheated On Him

Andrew and his long-time wife, Amy Robach, ended their marriage in 2023. 

The couple got separated after Amy’s infidelity came to the limelight in 2022

They were married for more than a decade and seemed very happy together. 

His ex-wife had an affair with her co-host T.J Holmes despite being married to Andrew

Amy and T.J. were seen together spending romantic time together, and their photos of having an affair were made public by the Daily Mail.

After that, the couple came to the public and confronted their relationship, admitting they cheated on their partners to be with each other. 

After the whole drama, there was nothing left for Andrew to be with Amy, so they separated and filed for divorce.

Learning Parenting Lessons From Children 

Andrew and his ex-wife Amy wrote a book together titled Better Together.

The book was about their parenting lifestyle with their children and how they learned so many things from their children. 

Andrew was already dad to three boys when he met Amy, who also has two daughters from her ex-partner. 

They met and fell in love, and in no time, they became family. 

As parents, both Amy and Andrew were concerned about bringing their children together as a family, but things turned out quite the opposite. 

They didn’t have to put any effort into bringing their children together as their children accepted each other as brothers and sisters with no judgment. 

Andrew’s sons started calling and treating Amy’s daughters like their own, and so did Amy’s daughters. 

Seeing their children, Amy and Andrew learned acceptance and no judgment from them, which made them very proud parents. 

Andrew Had Low Self-Esteem 

Andrew gave TeenInk an interview about his low self-esteem problem as a teenager. 

He was a great student in his school, a student president, and a prom superstar. Despite that, he always lacked confidence in himself. 

He dealt with low confidence for a long time until one of the teachers made him realize he needed to work on himself. 

He was unaware of who he was, and because of the teacher, he could question himself about who he was. 

That helped him see through his confidence problem. 

Also, he told other teenagers to start looking for good relationships and friends and know who they are to build their self-esteem. 

Andrew Regrets Not Being With Amy 

Back in 2013, Andrews's then-wife Amy was diagnosed with breast cancer

The ex-couple went through the whole cancer journey together, and Andrew gave his best so that he could be there with Amy.

He took care of her. However, despite all his efforts, Andrew regretted being there with Amy on the day when she knew about her breast cancer diagnosis. 

Andrew was on the trip when Amy went for a checkup, and he got the news of Amy’s cancer through the phone, which made him feel bad. 

It was a terrible day for Amy, and he felt evil and sad that he couldn’t be with her. 

Andrew also said that during Amy’s cancer journey, he was caught up with his kids, work, and so many other things that he was unable to give his 100% of time and care to Amy. 

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