Who Is Naviyd Ely Raymond? Son Of Usher Raymond

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Who Is Naviyd Ely Raymond? Son Of Usher Raymond

Naviyd Ely Raymond is famous for being the son of a popular singer Usher Raymond.

He was born on December 10, 2008, in the United States of America.

Naviyd Ely Raymond with his father, Usher Raymond.
Naviyd Ely Raymond with his father, Usher Raymond. Source: Instagram

About His Parents

Naviyd is a son of father Usher and mother Tameka Foster.

His parents met each other in 2005 and started dating. Tameka was already a mother of three sons. 

Naviyd Ely Raymond's mother.
Naviyd Ely Raymond's mother. Source: Instagram

After some years, they gave birth to two sons. 

But after being together for some years, they separated. They divorced each other. 

Usher took the responsibility of Naviyd and Usher Raymond V

Tameka took care of Darrin Zo Banks, Ryan Glover Jr., and Kile Glover.

Family of Naviyd Ely Raymond.
Family of Naviyd Ely Raymond. Source: Instagram

Usher Confessed On Cheating On His Ex-Wife

Usher gave an interview on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show where she talked about his married life with his ex-wife. 

Usher was married to his ex-wife Tameka Foster Raymond for a long and they had children together. Everything was going well initially but slowly they had issues growing between them. 

Usher’s youngest son Naviyd was born in 2008 and before his son’s birth, Usher realized that his marriage was not working. 

He was very happy when his son came into the world but he started developing insecurities. It was not that he gave on marriage quickly and it was not a quick decision. 

He did his best to make his marriage work. He and his wife had a conversation and they tried consoling each other but nothing happened. 

He felt that they were lacking understanding and faced difficulties to communicate with each other. 

Slowly he felt empty and he didn’t want to hurt himself or feel anything that could make damage him mentally so he went to therapy. 

He talked with his many friends so that he could save his marriage but at last, they got separated. 

Before their divorce, his wife accused him and Usher also accused her. Things went horrible between them and they even fought for children's custody. 

His wife accused him of cheating on her and Usher agreed that he was unfaithful to his wife as he had a relationship with other women before their divorce. 

They were only separated and he was a friend of his ex-wife brides mate and they had a physical relationship. 

She also accused him of being an absent father but for that Usher denied it. 

He was not with his children only when he went to his work and expect that he gives time to his children so denied the accusation.


The age Naviyd is 13 years old.

Net Worth

His dad Usher's net worth is $190 Million.

Father's Professional Life

Usher was born on October 14, 1978, in Dallas, Texas, USA

Usher started singing from his childhood. He started at the age of ten

He was called the next Michael Jackson at that time. Not only singing but he was also quite good at dancing. 

His singing career took a different mode after he moved to Atlanta, and he started to sing in small venues. 

It was his luck that his voice was heard by one of the fabulous singers of that time who was Bobby Brown, an American writer, and singer. 

He was given the opportunity he was looking for. He finally released his solo album, Can You Get With It, in May 1994. 

Judge Of World's No. 1 Singing Reality Show 

Usher was the judge of the world's no. 1 singing reality show. He was a judge in The Voice USA

He had a good experience mentoring the contestants. 

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