Nellie Biles

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Nellie Biles

Nellie Biles is the mother of an American artistic gymnast, Simone Biles. Her full name is Nellie Cayetano Biles.

Married Life

Nellie is married to her husband, Ron Biles. The couple got married on 17 January 1977.  She is the second wife of her husband. 

On their 40th wedding anniversary, her daughter Simone wished them on her Instagram by posting a beautiful picture of her parents. 

The caption is 'HAPPY 40TH ANNIVERSARY….'

Nellie Biles with her husband Ron Biles
Nellie Biles with her husband Ron Biles  Source: Instagram

Simone is the granddaughter of Ron. His daughter Shanon Biles gave birth to four children but was unable to care. 

So, all children were sent to foster house. Simone was born on 14 March 1997 in Ohio, United States. Her current age is 24.

When Ron and Nellie knew that, they adopted Simone along with her sister Adria

They adopted them legally when Simon was just six years of old. 

At that time, Simon's biological mom was struggling with drug addiction and alcohol.

Nellie Biles and her daughter Simone Biles
Nellie Biles and her daughter Simone Biles  Source: Instagram

Achievement of Her Daughter

Simone holds a total of thirty medals of Olympics and World Championship. In addition, she is listed as the third world's most decorated Gymnast

In the 2016 Summer Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro, she won the gold medal in every round individually. 

In addition, in the vault, floor, and beam balance, she won gold medals. She was the world floor exercise champion five times. 

Also, she became exercise champion in world all-around champions, and she holds three-time world beam balance championship and two times in world vault champion. 

She was the all-around champion six times in United States National. She is also in the team of the gold medal-winning American.

Nellie Biles daughter Simone Biles
Nellie Biles daughter Simone Biles  Source: Instagram

Mother-Daughter Relationship

Nellie is not her biological mom, but she has done everything and always treated her like a daughter. 

She is always there for Simone in every step. Simone recognizes her as a mother. 

Simone said that she always encouraged her when she was feeling down. She is always there for her when she needs emotional support. 

Whenever Simone feels low about anything for too long, her mom, Nellie, always comes to her and made her feel better.

 A tug campaign on the heartstring video in the Olympics brings tears to the eyes. 

They played the video called Thank You, Mom, in the Olympics, which made Simone realize how much her mom means to her.

It made her appreciate her mom for her full love and support. Her mom always used to empower her emotionally and mentally.

How Nellie Helped Her Daughter Simone To Pursue Her Dream As Gymnast?

Nellie and her husband were very supportive of her dream and love for gymnastics. As growing up, Simone was having a hard time managing gymnastics and her schoolwork. 

She was mentally tired at that time, but with the help of her mother Nellie and psychologists, she came to her senses. 

Her mother was trying hard to set her a homely environment in the family. 

She even created a system of support for Simone that includes her family and Simone's friend. 

They even had a family breakfast together every Sunday after attending the church. She even brought her whole family to Rio to support her daughter at the Olympics.

And they all used to celebrate after they all came back from the competition.

Daughter Boyfriend

Simone Biles is currently dating an NFL player named Jonathan Owens. The couple is dating since August 2020. 

Jonathan is 25 years old NFL football player. They both are living in the same state in Texas

On Simone's birthday, he gave her a piggyback ride. They both are dog lovers.

Simone Biles with her boyfriend Jonathan Owens
Simone Biles with her boyfriend Jonathan Owens  Source: Instagram

Gymnastic Doesn't Need Struggle

Simone Biles, a well-known athlete, came over to the podcast "Glamour, " where she talked and cleared out the myths and misconceptions people have on their minds related to gymnastics. 

She has divided people's misunderstandings and assumptions into three categories: sport, lifestyle, and physique. 

The first assumption that she talked about was the gymnast having a short career. 

She said it wasn't true as the gymnast got NCAA scholarships when they were in college, and their retirement age is around 23. 

She then said that gymnast is an expensive sport, and it takes lots of dedication and hard work, and they don't get any break over there. 

Another valid assumption on which she agreed was one should start gymnast in early life. 

Simone started her career as a gymnast when she was seven, and she was told that she was late. 

She opened up that she is pretty scared of heights, and she tries to keep herself away from skydiving and other height stuff. 

She says that training is physically and mentally equal. She disagreed to the point where it was told that gymnast athletes don't have to struggle. 

She said that she had to work for years. She then cleared out myths and assumptions about her lifestyle. 

She opened up that her sister is a former gymnast, but she left her career because people compared her with Simone, and because of that, she gave up on her career.

Another thing was their intimate means, and for that, she replied yes because as an athlete, their body muscles grow up faster than other normal kids, and they are stronger than man's over their age group. 

To know more, do check the link

Net Worth

Her profession is unknown. Her daughter's net worth and income source are shown below. 

Net WorthSource
$6 millionAmerican artistic Gymnast

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. Her exact birth date is unknown.
  2. She is American by nationality.

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