Nelly Malek

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Nelly Malek

Nelly Malek is the mother of American actor Rami Malek. She's married to Said Malek

Nelly herself was an accountant by her profession. She has a daughter and a son with Said Malek. She is an American.

Nelly with his son
Nelly with his son  Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status Of Rami Malek 

Rami was in a relationship with Angela Sara. They both met each other on the set of the movie named Twilight

They worked together and fell in love and started dating in 2011. However, they officially didn't speak anything about their dating. 

After that, Rami briefly dated Portia Doubleday. They also met on a set of the show. They dated back in 2015.

Rami and Portia kept their relationship private, but in 2017 Portia posted a picture of her and Rami kissing each other. 

They dated for a couple of years and later ended their relationship. As of 2021, Rami is in a relationship with Lucy Boynton

They dated in 2018, and they are together now living happily. They are often spotted together in several events.

Rami with his partner
Rami with his partner  Source: Instagram 

About Rami Malek 

Rami Malek's full name is Rami Said Malek, an American actor born on May 12, 1981. He was born to Nelly Malek and Said, Malek

He is well known for his role as Elliot Alderson in the TV series named Mr. Robot

He showed his interest in an acting career since childhood and later made it. He has appeared in several movies and series. 

His acting skills and performance also made him win many awards. His acting made him earn success and fame in his life.


Her son is 40 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Rami is $8 Million. He earns from acting. 

The income of actors is estimated at $40,860 per year. 

Rami Malek Fell Off The Stage

Rami is a brilliant American actor and has provided the audience with his finest works. 

He has won many awards and has earned a name for himself. His actions are smooth, and his film choices are also very good. 

His brilliancy in acting led him to one of the biggest awards, "Oscar" in his career. 

Rami won an Oscar award for the best actor in February 2019. After he received the award, he was about to leave the stage. 

All of the cameras panning him were also panned in other celebrities. 

At the same moment, he accidentally stepped on the edge of the stage and fell. 

The people immediately helped him in the front row. He was taken and treated backstage. He was not physically injured and was fine.

Rami Malek Supported The Victims

Many controversies occur in the entertainment field. Many stars come to rise and also downfall due to controversies. 

Fortunately for Rami, he has not been in any controversy and is doing well. 

But on the other hand, he did speak on the controversy of his fellow director Bryan Singer

He had worked with the director in his past days, but he didn't speak on the director's side. 

He supported the boys who were victims of sexual harassment by the director. 

Rami has spoken about the boys about how they might have been feeling. He showed his support on the side of the victims.

Rami Got Into Trouble

In 2018, Rami was driving in the streets of Los Angeles

He was driving of his thoughts when he suddenly stopped the car in the middle of the road. 

This nearly caused accident of the car behind him. The person in the car even shouted at him. 

It was Rami's mistake, but there was the reason behind Rami stopping his car in the middle of the road. 

What happened is that he saw his face on one of the billboards. He was surprised by that, and he immediately pressed the brake. 

It was his reflex action. Although he didn't cause an accident, the man in the car behind him got back pain due to a sudden stop, and he got into trouble for it.

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