Who Is Nely Garcia? Mother Of Luis Enrique

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Who Is Nely Garcia? Mother Of Luis Enrique

Nely Garcia is the mother of Spanish football manager and former player Luis Enrique. She is married to her husband, Luis Martinez

She has three children with her husband. She is a Spanish citizen

Nely Garcia with her husband, Luis Martinez.
Nely Garcia with her husband, Luis Martinez. Source: LifeBogger

About Nely's Son Luis 

Luis Enrique is a former professional player and current manager. Currently, he is the head coach of Spain's national team. 

As a football player, he played for many famous football clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid

Married Life Of Luis 

As of 2022, Luis is married to Ellena Cullell

They have been married since the year 1997 and have three children, two daughters, and a son, but their youngest daughter died due to bone cancer in 2019.

Before their marriage, Luis and Elena dated for two years.

Their daughters' names are Sira Martinez and Xana Martinez, and their sons are Pacho Martinez. Luis's youngest daughter Xana died in 2019.

Luis Enrique with his wife.
Luis Enrique with his wife. Source: Soccersouls

Age And Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Nely are unknown. Her son Luis is 52 years old. Luis has a net worth of $35 Million. 

Luis Warned His Daughter’s Boyfriend

Luis had been managing the Spanish national team, and surprisingly his daughter Sira Martinez’s boyfriend Ferran Torres also plays for the Spain national team under Luis

Ferran has the habit of celebrating the goal sucking the thumb like a baby. The celebration is known as a baby celebration. 

But Luis said he would not keep Ferran in the squad if he celebrated the baby celebration. 

But it was just a joke as he said he didn’t want to be a grandfather too early. 

But Ferran did the cutest thing after scoring the goal in World Cup as he dedicated his both goals to his girlfriend Sira. 

Nely Garcia's granddaughter, Sira Martinez.
Nely Garcia's granddaughter, Sira Martinez. S

Luis Clear The Myth About Playing And Sex

Luis was once a player himself, so he knows what’s best for the player. 

There has always been a myth that players become less energetic after having sex, especially athletes, who don’t perform sexual activity on their game days. 

But Luis revealed that there is nothing like that and it was all a myth. 

He revealed that he was all okay if his players were having sex with their wives or other women before the match unless they were having group sex, making problems for the team and its future. 

He was pretty open about this conversation. He even revealed that as a player, he had sex with his wife whenever possible. 

And he considers sex to be essential in anyone’s life.

Luis Is Going To Be A Streamer For World Cup

Luis promised his fans before the World Cup that he would be streaming on Twitch after every match in the World Cup to connect with the people back in the country and to provide them with the necessary information. 

He did keep the promise as he came live after the match against Costa Rica. 

He was asked many things about the team, and the session went well. 

He revealed that many people underestimate Spain because of their performance in the last two World Cups. 

But Luis said their team was not aiming to reach the quarter-finals or semi-finals. 

He said that they are aiming to win the cup with a great team of the best players in the world.

Luis Was Interested In Basketball

Luis has a successful football career and is now one of the greatest coaches in the world. 

But his aim as a child was not to be a football player but a basketball player

As a young child, Luis had a great love for basketball and dreamt of creating a career in basketball. He used the play basketball all the time. 

He even used to jump out of the school's fence only to play basketball. But as he grew up, his height and physicality didn’t fit the sport. 

Hence he found love in football and followed his dream of being a footballer.

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