Nicholas Sommerlad- Tragedy Of Sinead O'Connor Ex-Husband

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Nicholas Sommerlad- Tragedy Of Sinead O'Connor Ex-Husband

Nicholas Sommerlad is the ex-husband of later Irish singer and songwriting Sinead O'Connor.

Nicholas himself is a journalist by his profession. He is a British citizen by his nationality. 

Marriage And Children

Nicholas was married to his former wife, Sinead. They got married back in 2001 in Wales.

But sadly, their marriage didn't last long, so they separated after 11 months. 

But their divorce was finalized in 2004. They didn't have any children.

Nicholas Sommerlad's late ex-wife Sinead O'Connor.
Nicholas Sommerlad's late ex-wife Sinead O'Connor. Source: Instagram

Did Sinead Married Again After Her Divorce? 

Sinead had been married four times in her life, including Nicholas. 

Her first marriage was with John Reynolds. They married in 1989 and share a son named Jake

In 2010 she got married for the third time to Steve Cooney. Steve was her friend, but they fell in love and married. Their marriage lasted only for a year. 

She then got married to Barry Herridge in 2011. But after living together as husband and wife for seven days, they ended their marriage. 

The reason behind their separation was Sinead being unhappy in the marriage. 

She claimed that she wasn't prepared and that Barry was better off without her.

She also shared three children named Shane, Yeshua, and Brigidine from her three different relationships.

About Nicholas's Former Wife, Sinead 

Sinead was a professional singer and songwriter. She was well known for her hit album "I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got."

She was born in 1966 and had her birthday on Dec 8. She changed her name to Shuhada Sadaqat after converting to Islam.

She grew up with her four siblings. She was an Irish citizen by her nationality. 

She died at the age of 56 on Jul 26, 2023.

Sinead O'Connor was performing on the stage.
Sinead O'Connor was performing on the stage. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

His ex-wife Sinead was 56 years old at the time of her death. She had a net worth of $500,000. 

Sinead Received Threats

Back in 1992, Sinead performed on the Saturday Night Live Show

She was doing great, and the program was going smoothly, but out of nowhere, Sinead tore Pope John Paul II's photo into pieces and threw it in the middle. 

Her action shocked everyone present in the show. The aftermath of her effort didn't go well, as it offended many people. 

People backlashed her for tearing Pope's picture and started giving her death threats, and threatened to boycott her. 

After the whole controversy, Sinead came forward and talked about it. 

She claimed the reason behind tearing the Pope's picture was because she symbolized the Pope as evil. 

As per her knowledge, she realized that the Vatican is the reason behind the destruction and murder of any country. 

She also noticed the child abuse case getting high in Ireland when Pope went on the tour.

Sinead Was Glad That Her Mom Died

Sinead talked about her estranged relationship with her mother in Dr Phil's Show.

She revealed that her mom was terrible, and throughout her life, she never received love or care from her mother.

She described that she was a complete mess. Her mom didn't come out of bed and was always on drugs. 

Her mom wore the same clothes for five years and never washed and smelled horrible. 

She remembers how her mom used to kick and blame her, saying that her father left them because of her. 

She wished Sinead was never born. Sinead said that the only thing she loved about her mom was that she was dead. 

The Reason Behind Sinead's Shaved Head

Sinead had always been seen with a shaved head throughout her whole life when she was. 

She revealed the horrible reason behind her shaving head.

During her childhood, her sister had beautiful red hair, but her mom always told her sister that her hair was awful. 

Sinead also had long hair, and she used to introduce her as a beautiful daughter to other people and her sister as ugly. 

She hated the comparison that her mom made between the sisters. 

She hated being called the pretty one. Another reason was her long hair got her raped and molested everywhere she went.

She was sick of everything, so she decided to get rid of her long hair. 

She didn't want to be a girl, so she stopped wearing girl’s dresses and started dressing up like a boy.

Sinead Tried To Kill Herself

Sinead had complex post-traumatic stress disorder for a long time when she was alive. 

She was mentally ill and even publicly posted a video where she broke down, saying she wasn't being looked after by the people she loved. 

She discussed the same issue in the Dr. Phil Show and shared that she loves her family and hopes to be cared for and loved by them. 

She made that video hoping her family would see it so they could realize it and come to her. 

She caused her many problems and didn't blame them for abandoning her. 

She had gone through a lot in life, and after the hysterectomy, her condition got worse. 

She tried to kill herself eight times in one year because her child's father didn't let her see her child.

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