Who Is Nico Schlotterbeck Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

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Who Is Nico Schlotterbeck Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

Nico Schlotterbeck is a German professional footballer. He currently plays for the Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund in the position of center-back

He also plays in the national team of Germany. He was born to his parents, Marc Schlotterbeck and Susanne Schlotterbeck

Nico Schlotterbeck during the match.
Nico Schlotterbeck during the match. Source: Instagram

Girlfriend Or Single 

Nico is not married. He is private about his love life, so it is unknown if he has a girlfriend or not.

Age And Net Worth 

Nico is 22 years old. The net worth of Nico is estimated to be $1 -$5 Million

Nico Is An Extrovert

Nico revealed in an interview that he is quite an extrovert. 

He just moved to Dortmund FC and already talked about having fun with his teammates and joking with them. 

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He always was an extrovert, from what he has described. He said that being able to speak openly with the media, teammates, and anyone really gives him the confidence to do anything in his career and life. 

He also expressed that although he is too friendly with people, he yet likes to take his own advice and do things that he prefers to do. 

He said that he wants to choose his own path for his future. 

However, Nico said that he would be playing at his best for the team and giving it all he got in the matches. 

He will be serious and more professional when it comes to playing for the club.

Nico Moved To Dortmund Because Of Mats And Niki

Nico gave the first interview after he arrived at Dortmund FC

He revealed that he was really pleased with the fans of the club and the greatness that he can gain playing at this club. 

Also, he has seen and heard a lot about the club that really couldn’t stop him from joining club. 

But it was not the only reason that he revealed. He also admitted that as a kid, he looked up to Mats, who is one of the top centrebacks for Germany and Dortmund.

And playing in the club with his idol was something he couldn’t miss. Also, Niki was also on the Dortmund FC

Niki was someone that Nico really wanted to get inspired by as he had achieved a lot at such a young age playing for the bigger club. 

Nico wants to achieve the same success for himself.

It Special And Awkward Moment At The Same Time

Nico’s team Dortmund went against their biggest rival, Bayern Munich, where their team was one goal down for 90 minutes. 

They were having a tough time scoring. But in the final five extra times, his team scored a goal, and the whole stadium went crazy. 

All of the fans were cheering for the team as if they had won the match. 

Players were also celebrating with such joy that the draw felt like a win. 

Nico really felt special about it as he had never heard that loud cheering ever in his life. 

While he was running to celebrate with the team, his close friend Toni grabbed him and didn’t let go. 

Both of them celebrated together. As Tony was holding Nico while he was going to celebrate with the team, Nico really felt awkward. 

But still, he managed to celebrate, and it turned out well for him.

Nico Is Trying To Stay Away From Injury

As new boys in the club, players are not allowed to play often in the matches. 

But Nico has been playing continuously in every match, whether that is a League match or the Champion’s league. 

He has made great friends in the team as well who are friends outside the football as well. 

He easily settled into the club more quickly than he expected. 

So, he expressed that his main focus while playing is to stay away from any kind of injuries so that he can provide his time and skills to the team as much as he can.

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