Nicol Luzardi – Meet Girlfriend Of Nicola Zalewski

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Nicol Luzardi – Meet Girlfriend Of Nicola Zalewski

Nicol Luzardi is the girlfriend of a professional football player, Nicola Zalewski

Zalewski plays for Serie A club Roma and the Poland national team as a full-back or wing-back. He was born to Polish parents in Tivoli, Italy.

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Professional Dancer and Model

Nicol Luzardi is a professional dancer and model. She started her career as a dancer and later started modeling too. 

Her passion for dance has been cultivated since she was little, and she is very well-known in the world of entertainment. 

Luzardi has worked on TV for four years. During this period, she worked in the dance troupe of important Mediaset and Rai programs

Those were Ciao Darwin in 2019, Sanremo in 2021, Un’ora sola vi Massimo, and Tale e Quale show in 2022

Besides being a model and professional dancer, she loves sports, the sea, and pets. She has a pet dog named Neo.


Nicol Luzardi was born in 2000. She is 24 years old

When did she start dating Nicola Zalewski?

It is said that she met Zalewski in the summer of 2022.

They have been dating each other since 2022 but only made their relationship public at the end of the year. 

Zalewski first made an appearance on Luzardi's Instagram on August 20, 2022. She uploaded a picture with him with the caption, 

You are the certainty in which to shelter me

Nicol Luzardi with her boyfriend Nicola Zalewski
Nicol Luzardi with her boyfriend Nicola Zalewski. Source: Instagram

Nicol also hinted at their relationship on TikTok, saying, "When you're newly together and can't yet show that you're a jealous, crazy psychopath.”

Luzardi first made an appearance on Zalewski's Instagram when they made a post on February 12, 2023 where it seems like they were on a date on a beach during sunset. 

Luzardi previously dated Juventus footballer Luca Pellegrini

Public romance 

Luzardi is very public about their relationship and updates their fans with their daily lives, their dates, vacations and many more. 

She never shies away, flaunting her love for the footballer. 

On June 10, 2023, she uploaded a series of pictures of their vacation to Santorini, Greece, with the caption scroll to see us happy. 

Nicol Luzardi with her boyfriend Nicola Zalewski in Santorini, Greece
Nicol Luzardi with her boyfriend Nicola Zalewski in Santorini, Greece. Source: Instagram

They also went on a vacation to Ponza, Italy, and she shared a few glimpses of their happiness with the caption,

Since you've been around

Nicol Luzardi with her boyfriend Nicola Zalewski in Ponza, Italy
Nicol Luzardi with her boyfriend Nicola Zalewski in Ponza, Italy. Source: Instagram

She is also a supportive girlfriend and is seen in the stadium supporting her boyfriend. Recently, she was spotted in the Olympic stadium. 

Nicol Luzardi with her boyfriend Nicola Zalewski in Olympic Stadium
Nicol Luzardi with her boyfriend Nicola Zalewski in Olympic Stadium. Source: Instagram

Was a victim of a raised betting scandal?

Zalewski was very popular on social media. 

However, his name was one of the first mentioned by Fabrizio Corona in the betting scandal. 

This scandal also involved Fagioli, Nicolo Zaniolo, and Sandro Tonali, who admitted to being addicted to gambling and broke down in tears.

Choose to remain silent

As the rumors of scandals were in hipe at the time, Luzardi chose to remain silent on this matter. 

She chose to keep a low profile due to the sensitive nature of the situation. 

As Zalewski was the third player mentioned in this scandal, the girlfriends of the other two players chose to do the same.

“N” with a little heart on ring finger

It seemed to be true love between Zalewski and Luzardi although they are very young. 

Zalewski himself confirmed this by commencing their forever love in the form of a tattoo. 

Zalewski posted an Instagram story in which he showed a tattoo of a “N” with a little heart on his ring finger, which is surely dedicated to his girlfriend.

Luzardi is very active on social media, where she works as an influencer. Besides this, she actively shares shots of her daily life. 

In one of them, she revealed that Zalewski is a big fan of Amadeus' Sanremo Festival.

Lowest paid players in the team

In 2021, Zalewski signed a contract with Roma, nicknamed Giallorossi, which will remain until 2025

There has been talk for months that contact will extend with a big rise. This shows that Zalewski is now an important player for the Roma

Despite being a good performer in the team, he is one of the lowest-paid players on the team and in series A. 

He earns 300,000 euros per season, which is very low compared to his skills.

Zalewski, in March 2020, was valued at about 2.5 million euros

His value ultimately increased significantly as he continued playing continuously with Jose Mourinho

His current market value is 12 million euros as of March 12, 2024. His highest market value was 20 million euros on June 15, 2023.

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