Nicola Elizabeth Frost

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Nicola Elizabeth Frost

Nicola Elizabeth Frost is the mother of English actor Tom Holland. 

Nicola is married to Dominic Holland, who’s a comedian and author. They married on 10 September 1994 and are still together.

Nicola Elizabeth Frost with her husband
Nicola Elizabeth Frost with her husband  Source: Instagram

Nicola herself is a photographer by profession. 

She has four children, and all of them are sons. Nicola is an English citizen by her nationality. 

Nicola with her son
Nicola with her son  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Tom Holland

Tom was dating his childhood friend Elle Lotherington. They dated in 2015 for some years and got separated.

After that, Tom got into a relationship with Nadia Parkers, who is an actress. 

They started dating each other in 2020. They spent lockdown together as they lived in the same house. 

They officially announced their relationship as they were living together and having a great time with each other. 

They stayed with each other for a year and broke up.

As of 2021, Tom is currently in a relationship with Zendaya, an actress and model

Tom and Zendaya have been working together since 2017. They both worked in the famous movie Spider-Man. 

They had got public attention through that movie. Their fans also thought they were in a relationship when they worked together. 

But at that time, Zendaya denied saying that they were only friends and co-actors. 

Their relationship was confirmed when they were caught kissing in his car.  

About Tom Holland 

Tom is an English actor who was born on 1 June 1996. His full name is Thomas Stanley Holland

He is the oldest son of Nicola Holland and Dominic Holland. His parents raised him with his four younger brothers. 

He started his career as being a dancer. After that, he started his career in acting

Tom got huge popularity after his role in Spider-Man. His best movies are The Impossible, Captain American, and The Lost City

He is currently working on his new movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home. 

He had won many awards for his performance. 

Tom Holland Kept Away From The Marvel Story

Besides being known for his acting and action skills, Tom is also known for his spoilers. 

Every time he gives an interview, he gets too comfortable with it, and on the verge of joking, he always reveals something about the movie which he is supposed to keep a secret. 

He has spoiled the title of Spider-Man Far From Home. Not only this, but he also revealed secrets about Infinity War and Avengers 4.

For the same reason, directors now keep things secret from Tom and ensure that he doesn’t know anything except his script. 

Shooting During Pandemic

Tom Holland, an actor who is world widely known for his role in Spiderman movie series, gave an interview to the "Late Night with Seth Meyers.

In that interview, Tom talked about the difficulty that he had to face wearing a suit and many more. 

Tom started the interview by talking about the unfairness of saying that. For him, Spider-Man: No Way Home was a thing to the celebration. 

The whole team of that movie, including him, talked about the media for 40 minutes

Tom had done much of his films that are based on a book. He said that he hadn't been very stressed lately as he was busy with his work, and finally, he was going to LA to be with his family. 

He was about to get in his home for Christmas, and he hadn't done any Christmas shopping for his family. 

His family is very supportive of him, and he said that he had a very close relationship with his brothers. 

He was shooting all the time in pandemics taking all the precautions. He had to be extra careful at that time. 

He then talked about the struggles he had faced while wearing a Spiderman suit

The suit was very tight, and it sometimes got stuck on his body as the zip won't come off. 

They had to use lube on the zip to unlock the zip. They had used many bottles of lubes during the shoot.

He had done bad things in the set. They were shooting during the pandemic, and once, he was holding a bottle of lube, but then suddenly the producer asked him for the lube in his hand, thinking it was a sanitizer. 

Tom kept it in his hand, and then the producer rubbed his hand. The producer was rubbing his hand on the stage, thinking why the sanitizer was not coming off his hand.

Likes His Big Toes

Tom Holland gave an interview to the LADbible TV where he answered people's thoughts regarding him and then checked the result to see if he was right or wrong compared to the audience. 

The very first question was about him seeing on a Tv show for that he gave three shows name, and that was Hawkeye, Euphoria, and Lord of The Rings Show. 

He checked his answers with the audience and learned that most people wanted to see him in the famous series Peaky Blinders

After seeing that, he revealed that he did audition for that show, but he got rejected. 

Another was in Euphoria, and the highest number of people wanted to see him in I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. 

That one was unexpected for him. He said he wanted to do that show, but his short temper would not let him stick on the show, and the way gets annoyed by some people. 

Then another question was about his best feature, and for that, he said height, work ethic, broken nose, and hair. 

He checked his answers with the audience, and it was completely different. The audience's reply was personality, smile, muscles, and left Toe. 

He said he agrees with personality and feels that he has a great personality. He said that he has really big Toes about his Toe, but he liked them anyway. 

Then there was the comparison of him with Mark Wahlberg in the context of looks, and most of the people were in favor of Tom Holland

Then another question was about the question that Tom is tired of listening to. He answered it was about Spiderman and going to prom. 

He checked his answer with the audience and the answers of the audience were about height, Spiderman, and some questions related to Zendaya

Tom said that his size is 5'7 and he is very proud of that. There are more questions in the interview. To know more, do check the link.


Nicola's exact age is not available. Her birthday is on September 3.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Tom is $15 Million. His source of income comes from being an actor. 

He was paid $500,000 for his movie Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Nicola Got Angry At Her Son’s Movie

In Feb 2021, Tom was shooting his new movie Cherry. Unlike his other movies, his character in this movie was a bit different. 

He played the role of an army medic suffering from PTSD. Not only that but he was also a drug addict in that movie. 

While he was shooting a scene in a prison cell, he sent a clip of it to his mother. 

After seeing the clip, his mom was furious with him for playing such a negative role as it can badly influence him in his real life as a teen. 

Every time Nicola watches Tom’s movie, she becomes happy and proud to see her son. 

But in this movie, Tom thinks that he will disappoint his mom by playing a negative role.

Tom’s Injury Caused A Delay In His Movie

Tom is well known for his movie Spider-Man. The audience appreciated him in Spider-Man Homecoming and Spider-Man Far For Home. 

He is also part of Spider-Man that is Spider-Man: No Way Home. Many people were excited about the movie and were eagerly waiting for it. 

But the fans were very much sad after knowing that the film was delayed. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit worldwide, many people thought that it might be the reason behind the delay in the movie. 

But it was later known that the reason behind its delay is Tom's injury. Tom fell during the shooting and was immediately taken to hospital. 

He harmed his head, and the shooting of movies was stopped for some week which caused a delay in the movie release. 

Family of Nicola Elizabeth Frost
Family of Nicola Elizabeth Frost  Source: Instagram

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