Who Is Nicolas Balmaceda Pascal? Brother Of Pedro Pascal

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Who Is Nicolas Balmaceda Pascal? Brother Of Pedro Pascal

Nicolas Balmaceda Pascal is the brother of Chilean - American actor Pedro Pascal. 

He was born to his mom Veronica Pascal and dad Jose Balmaceda Riera. He grew up with his two elder sisters and one elder brother in Orange County.

Nicolas himself is a certified pediatric neurologist. He is Chilean-American by his nationality.

Nicolas Balmaceda Pascal's brother and father.
Nicolas Balmaceda Pascal's brother and father. Source: Instagram

About Nicolas's Brother Pedro 

Pedro is an actor popularly known for her appearance in the HBO series Game of Thrones as Oberyn Martell

Recently he played as Joel in the series The Last of US as a lead actor. He was born in the year 1975 in Santiago, Chile.

He grew up with his three siblings and his full name is Jose Pedro Balmaceda Pascal. 

Married Life Of Pedro 

Pedro is not married yet nor does he has a girlfriend. He is living his single life and fully focused on his career. 

Pedro dated actress Maria Dizzia years back. They met each other on the set of Good and Happy and after that, they dated for a short time. 

They broke up in 2011

Although Pedro is not dating many women he had been rumored dating many. 

He was rumored to be dating Sarah Paulson but later it was known that Sarah is a lesbian. Pedro and Sarah were only close friends. 

He was also rumored to have an affair with Lena Heady

They co-starred together and they spent much time together on the sets which made people doubt that they were having an affair. 

After Pedro's appearance in Game of Thrones, there were rumors of him being gay. 

He played the character of a bisexual person which made people think that he was gay.

Age And Net Worth 

His brother Pedro is 47 years old. Pedro has a net worth of $10 Million.

Nicolas Balmaceda Pascal with his siblings.
Nicolas Balmaceda Pascal with his siblings. Source: Instagram

Pedro Was Banned From Watching A Movie

Pedro was raised by his parents with his three siblings. 

He had a good childhood and loved watching movies but his dad banned him from watching one movie and that was The Breakfast Club. 

He was a kid and despite there being no nude scenes in the movie his dad didn’t allow him. 

The main reason behind Pedro’s dad not allowing him to watch The Breakfast Club was because the movie was about a group of children complaining about their mom and dad so his dad was concerned that Pedro would learn to complain about them watching such a movie. 

But when Pedro reached age 10 his dad allowed him to watch the movie. 

His dad didn’t actually want to allow Pedro but had to because they didn’t find any babysitter to watch Pedro and his sister. 

His dad thought if they got busy watching movies they won’t need a babysitter.

Boredom Made Pedro Do Acting

Pedro Pascal’s current plays as Joel in the series The Last of Us have made him popular all over the world. 

His performance and versatility to fit in every character made everyone love him. 

He is a great actor but he didn’t start his acting career because he loved acting. Pedro himself revealed that he got into acting because he was bored. 

He started acting when he was very small and as he was lonely and had nothing to he started reading classic books and watching plays. 

His behavior made his parents concerned about his future and when he was in high school he worked in many places but none of it worked out. 

He ended up getting fired from everywhere. As nothing worked out for him Pedro decided to get into acting.

Pedro Was Saved By Jennifer

Pedro went to the U2 concert where he was invited to watch Joshua Tree’s concert.

He was actually invited by David and Dan who were the writer of the series Games and Thrones. 

He went to the concert and he went along with the writers to the room where Jennifer Lawrence was sitting and talking to the people. 

Pedro went inside the room and was having beer sitting next to Jennifer Lawrence

After a few moments, he got noticed by Jennifer and she recognized him by his character Narcos and they talked about Narcos.

He then went to the special place and arranged for a special guest to watch the concert so he followed the security guard thinking that the guards won’t notice but they noticed him and didn’t allow him to the special place. 

Thankfully Jennifer saw him and told the security that he was with her and they allowed him.

Pedro’s Mom Committed Suicide

Pedro has created a huge name for himself in the acting industry but sadly his mother Veronica never got a chance to see Pedro’s success. 

Veronica Pascal, Pedro’s mom took her own life back in 1999 leaving her husband and four children heartbroken. 

After his mom’s death, Pedro changed his surname to Pascal to honor her.

She meant a lot to him and she had been a huge support to Pedro when she was alive. 

Pedro told that if her mom wasn’t there to support her he would have never got successful in his life so everything that he has achieved till now is all because of his late mother. 

After the death of his mom, Pedro learned that he will always need someone to lean on in his hard days and he is glad that he’s got amazing friends and family to lean on in his hard days.

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