Who Is Nicole Tepper? Wife Of David Tepper

by Manisha Tue Nov 28 2023 Updated On Fri Dec 01 2023
Who Is Nicole Tepper? Wife Of David Tepper

Nicole Tepper is the wife of David Tepper. Her spouse is a billionaire hedge fund manager and owns Carolina Panther of the National Football Association

They got married in 2019 after dating for two years. They do not have kids together. 

Nicole Tepper with her husband, David Tepper.
Nicole Tepper and her husband, David Tepper. Source: Pinterest

However, her husband has three kids from his previous relationship, as he was married to Marlene from 1986 to 2016

Why Is David The Main Issue In Panthers?

In an interview, Mile Florio, who is a sportswriter, addressed that David was too involved after firing head coach Reich

He has said before that he was too involved with his team. 

He added he had made billions of money in his other businesses, but it does not mean that things would work out like that in this field. 

He told him things work out like he thinks in the sports business. 

He added that others have also achieved similar things and made millions of dollars. 

He said it is not easy and is a matter of wanting it badly. He said he cannot just leave the locker room by cursing. 

He added he needed to hire people and let them do their jobs without being too involved. 

He asked him not to interfere with the process. 

He shared if he did not change his attitude, then he said nobody would take over the Panthers and fill the shoes of Frank Reich

He said David should hire another coach who knows what happens with Scott Fitterer

He added David needed to relax more and chill. He said the Panthers are stuck with David as he is the owner, and they cannot fire their owner. 

He mentioned he feels bad for the Panthers and the main problem was that he spent a lot to pick in the draft and gave up a lot to get there. 

He said the factor holding Panther back is the owner, David himself, who has tried too hard and thinks he can make a difference. 

Lastly, he added he was still going to make billions of money no matter what, but in the long, he wouldn’t be able to do that if he did not learn to get out of the way and trust the football people who know more than him.


Her husband, Tepper, is 66 years old

Net Worth 

According to Forbes, her husband Tepper's net worth is estimated at a whopping $20.6 billion as of 2023

David Tepper's children.
David Tepper's children. Source: Pinterest

David Talked About Bryce Young

The Carolina Panthers picked Bryce in the 2023 NFL Draft

David shared that he first saw Bryce Young at the Superbowl and met him at parties. 

David called him and reminded him what he promised him before. 

David told him that he was going to pick him as quarterback when they met, and he was not kidding at that time. 

He asked if he was ready to trade sweet home Alabama for dear Carolina.

He said Young was excited to join the Panthers and could feel his happiness through the phone. 

He shared he had gone through a deep process with the head coach and decided to hire the best staff. 

He revealed when they went through the quarterback process, their main priority was to select those guys with a high probability of winning the Super Bowl

He said at the end of the day, they wanted to win Super Bowl and saw his potential. 

He mentioned Bryce is one of the best point guards, and they wanted to invest their energy and money in defense. 

He said they have been looking for a player like Bryce for the defense set for a long time. 

He added they went to a different agency. 

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