Who Is Nicole Wallace's Parents And Boyfriend?

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Who Is Nicole Wallace's Parents And Boyfriend?

Nicole Wallace is a professional actress and singer. She is famous for her role as Noah in the 2023 movie My Fault

She was born in 2002 and has her birthday on March 22. Her full name is Nicole Alejandra Wallace del Barrio

Her parents raised her with her older sister Chole in Madrid, Spain. She is a Spanish citizen by her nationality. 

Stunning Nicole Wallace.
Stunning Nicole Wallace. Source: Instagram

Is Nicole Married?

Nicole is not married yet. Also, her dating life is unclear, as there has been a rumor of Gabriel Guevera being her boyfriend. 

Nicole and Gabriel worked together in the movie My Fault, and their intense onscreen scene made everyone adore them as a couple. 

They also seem to have a great relationship in real life too, and because of that, there have been rumors of them dating. 

None of them has talked about this personally, so it's not confirmed that they are dating or are only good friends. 

Nicole Wallace with her rumored boyfriend.
Nicole Wallace with her rumored boyfriend. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Nicole is 21 years old. She has a net worth of $1 - $3 Million

Nicole Finds Herself Pretty

Nicole and her co-actor from the movie “My Fault” played Who Knows Who Better, and they were asked what the other person would do if their partner were seen with their best friend.

Nicole said that Gabriel would fight with his best friend until his death, and Gabriel agreed to do that. 

Gabriel also said that Nicole would make her boyfriend realize what he was missing. Nicole also agreed with Gabriel’s answer. 

She said she was pretty, and if her boyfriend cheated on her with another, it was her boyfriend’s loss. She said that she would make him realize that.

Nicole Was Comfortable Doing Sensual Scene With Gabriel 

Nicole worked with Gabriel in “My Fault,” which was a bold movie. 

The sensual scenes in the movie were so deep and sexual that they heated the whole movie experience. 

But it was not the first movie that they came across together. 

Nicole and Gabriel also worked together in 2017 in another Spanish movie, and their friendship has started since then. 

So, while doing the movie “My Fault,” they were comfortable with one another. 

As a friend, they had no problem doing the sexual scenes. 

Nicole found the scenes to be a piece of cake for her, and it was the same from Gabriel's side.

Nicole Adores Her Relationship With Gabriel

Nicole and Gabriel had done two movies together; even off camera, they were close to each other. 

They are not in any relationship, but they still care for each other. 

They are affected by each other and have genuine feelings toward each other, even off the camera. 

They admitted they were great friends. 

Even in an interview, they were holding each other’s hands, and it can be seen how much they adore each other.

Nicole Traveled Alone

Nicole revealed through her Instagram that she had always wanted to travel alone and she finally did it. 

She traveled to Costa Rica on her own, and she had a great experience in the travel. 

She expressed that she was a little scared to travel alone and thought it might not be as unique as she thought. 

But she again came to convince herself that there was nothing to lose for her on this trip. So she went to complete her dream. 

She said she had a fantastic experience and thanked all the people she met through her alone travel journey.

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