Nikita Dragun Plastic Surgery Journey- Before And After

by Pragya Tue Sep 13 2022 Updated On Wed Jul 26 2023
Nikita Dragun Plastic Surgery Journey- Before And After

Nikita Dragun is an American YouTuber, makeup artist, model, and businesswoman.

She came to the spotlight after making videos on her social media and is now a successful woman, and her life journey might shock you.

Nikita Dragun with her father.
Nikita Dragun with her father. Source: Instagram

Transition From Male To Female

Nikita was not Nikita since her birth. She was born to her parents as a boy named Nicholas Nguyen. 

Although a boy, she always liked playing with dolls and doing girly stuff. 

Slowly she felt suffocated being in a male body as she realized that she was ultimately a woman, hidden inside a male physique, so she decided to change her body. 

She went into body transition and became a trans woman. 

Nikita before and after the transition.
Nikita before and after the transition. Source: Instagram

Happy To Get Her True Identity

After realizing her being a girl, she changed herself physically, mentally, and emotionally too.

Now she feels completely different from who she used to be when she was 15. 

Coming Out As A Transgender 

In 2015, Nikita opened up about her being Transgender publicly. She has shared her whole story on her YouTube Channel. 

Through her experience, she wants to educate people, so she has shared her complete journey from being male to now a female. 

In her video, she opened up that she underwent Facial feminization surgery to transfer to a female.

Nikita Dragun with her mother. Source: Instagram

Confident After Surgery 

Nikita talked about her surgery and made a detailed video on it. 

In the last video, she posted back in 2016, she revealed the different surgery her face had been through.

She had her brow shaved, got her hairline lowered, jaw shaved, muscle shaved, and also got a nose job. 

It took her months to heal completely. She was all covered with bandages on her face so that they could compress her face from getting swollen. 

However, about Nikita's painful experience, she shared that she felt nothing during the whole surgery, so she would call it a painless surgery. 

She said the healing journey was uncomfortable because of the tight bandages. 

She even had difficulty breathing sometimes, but overall, it was painless. 

After her wounds were healed and the doctors took off the bandages she felt pleased to look at herself. 

She felt more confident because of her new transition and more like herself.

Nikita's Boob Job 

Nikita also got her breast augmentation, and she decided her boobs getting done during her facial surgeon. 

She consulted with her doctor about her boob job, and after she was healed from her facial surgery, she started preparing herself for her boob job. 

The doctor suggested to stick her hormone replacement therapy for a year before getting a boob job, and during that therapy, she developed breast tissues. 

She was nervous during her boobs surgery day, so the anesthesiologist tried to calm her by saying funny things, and then she fell asleep. 

Her boobs surgery was completed when she woke up, and she felt something heavy. 

Her throat was dry, and she felt that her boobs were solid, so it was somehow more painful than facial surgery. 

That was a womanly experience, and she felt great looking at her boobs.  

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