Nina Engel- Tragedy Of Richard Engel Mother

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Nina Engel is the mother of the American journalist and author Richard Engel. 

She's married to Peter Engel and shares two sons, David and Richard. She works and manages an antique store. 

She is a Swedish citizen of her nationality.  

About Nina's Son Richard 

Richard is a journalist and author. He currently works as the chief foreign correspondent for NBC News

He worked for ABC news as a freelancer journalist in the Iraq war in 2003. 

He was born to his mom and dad in 1973 in New York, USA. He has his birthday on September 16. 

He grew up with his eldest brother named David. 

Nina Engel's son and late grandson.
Nina Engel's son and late grandson. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Richard 

Richard is currently married to his wife Mary Forrest. They tied the knot back in 2015 and then they are living their marriage happily. 

In the same year, they welcomed their first son Henry Thomas Engel. Four years later, they welcomed their second son Theodore Forrest Engel

In 2022, Richard and his wife lost their oldest son. Their son had a rare genetic disorder Rett syndrome since his birth. He passed away at the age of six.

Before marrying Mary, Richard was married to a woman, who was a Stanford student. They were married till 2005 but ended up getting divorced. 

Family of Richard Engel.
Family of Richard Engel. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Her son Richard is 49 years old. He has a net worth of $1 -$5 Million. 

Richard Survived Kidnapping

Richard is one of the most courageous journalists who currently work at NBC News as a chief foreign correspondent.

Back in 2012 he and his some of colleagues went to Syria to cover the Syrian Civil war

He and his team were covering the places like Aleppo in Syria. He and his friends suddenly got unreachable. 

After five days they contacted back and it was known that they were kidnapped. 

Richard opened up that he and his team had to go through a terrifying moment as during the captivity they were continuously threatened by the captivators. 

They were blindfolded and moved from place to place and had no idea what next was going to happen to them. 

The kidnappers threatened to kill them and made them choose who would die first. 

Thankfully after five days, they got rescued by The Rebels

Richard’s Son’s Disease Has No Cure

Richard’s eldest son Henry was born to them back in 2015. His son was born with a rare disorder named Rett Syndrome.

It’s a neurological disorder that made their son Henry unable to walk, speak and eat on his own. 

Richard and his wife knew about their son’s condition when their son was two years old. 

The Rett Syndrome has no cure or treatment and because of that Richard and his wife were unable to do anything. 

Richard wanted other people to know about that disorder so he and his wife worked continuously to raise awareness about it. 

As the disease had no cure the only thing they could do was to provide their son therapy when helped their son more. 

But a few years later Henry’s conditions got worse and sadly their son passed away in 2022 at the age of six.

Richard Changed His Statement

Most people are aware of Richard and his team getting kidnapped in 2012 when they went to cover the Syrian War.

They were rescued by the rebel group. After they were free Richard went to the bottom of the kidnappers and he and his team told that they were kidnapped by the members of a militia that were connected to the leader of Syria named Bashar Assad. 

Later Richard and his team member changed their statement saying that they were kidnapped by Sunni which is a criminal gang. 

They also claimed that the rebel group that helped them get away from captivators was also connected to the criminal gang. 

His sudden change of statement left people with questions and he was criticized for that.

Richard Was Only One To Cover Iraq War?                                                                        

Back in 2003, there was a war in Iraq which lasted till 2011. It was one of the most terrifying wars and as the situation in the Iraq war got worse and shelling started journalists who were there to report the war left the country. 

Only one western journalist remained there to report and cover the war and he was Richard

He was brave enough to stay there and managed to cover everything that happened during the war. 

He also went to Baghdad, which is the capital city of Iran to cover the life of people. 

During his time over there, he had to face kidnapping, bombards, and many attacks but he managed to survive everything. 

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