Who Is Nina Watson? Halfsister Of Emma Watson

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Nina Watson is the younger half-sister of British actress, model, and activist Emma Watson. 

Nina was born to her parents, Chris and Julie Watson, in the year 2004. She has her birthday on September 17

Nina has a twin sister named Lucy, a brother named Toby, and a half-sister and brother named Emma and Alex.  

And a half-sister. She is a British citizen by her nationality. 

Nina Watson's father and sister.
Nina Watson's father and sister. Source: Instagram

About Nina's Sister Emma

Emma is an actress, model, and activist. She is well known for playing the role of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series. 

Besides that, she is a talented actress who has worked in many movies making her one of the highest-paid actresses in the world. 

She was born in 1990 to her mom Jacqueline Luesby and dad, Chris Watson

She has one brother and three half-siblings. 

Married Life Of Emma 

Emma is not married yet, and it is not known who she is currently dating. 

There have been rumors of Emma dating Brandon Green, but none of them have officially announced it. 

Their lines of dating started back in 2021 after they were seen together, and later they were caught holding hands together. 

They might be in a relationship now, but it's not confirmed yet. 

Back in 2019, Emma started dating Leo Robinton. However, after three years of relationship, Emma and Leo broke up in 2021.

While Emma and Leo were dating, there was news of them being engaged. However, Emma cleared that she was not committed to Leo and would happily share in public if she did.

Nina Watson's sister Emma Watson.
Nina Watson's sister Emma Watson.

Age And Net Worth 

Nina was born on September 17, 2004, and her current age is 18.

Her sister has a net worth of $85 Million

Emma Struggled Financially

Emma is one of the highest-paid actresses in the world. She came to the spotlight after her role played in the Harry Potter movie series

But before getting the role, she was just an ordinary girl whose family struggled for money. 

Things weren't good with her and her parents as they didn't have money to afford their needs. 

Emma revealed that their financial condition was so bad that her dad couldn't afford her school fees. 

She saw her dad working hard to pay her school fees, so she was dedicated to her studies. 

She knew her dad's struggle and wanted to make her that proud. 

She wanted to make her dad feel appreciated for the hard work that he was doing, and for that, she fully showed her devotion to her studies. 

Emma Quit acting 

Emma's Hollywood career began after she landed the role of Hermione Granger when she was nine.

She spent a decade working on that series, gaining massive public attention and fame throughout that year. 

Everyone enjoyed Emma's character play, and Emma herself feels honored to play that role, but there was a time when she hated her work and being on set. 

Emma opened up that she felt like a prisoner of Hogwarts because she had no control over her life. 

Everything that she had to do in a day was decided by others, which she didn't like. 

She was told at what time she would be picked up, go to the bathroom, and when she should eat. 

She was unhappy with others controlling her life, which made her nearly quit Harry Potter when she was 16.

The Paparazzi Harassed Emma

Emma has always been open and vocal about the acting industry. 

In one of the interviews, she shared that female celebrities in Hollywood are always treated and seen differently than male celebrities. 

Issuing the matter, she shared her experience of her first encounter as a woman. It was her 18th birthday when the paparazzi harassed her.

She remembered paparazzi lying down, taking pictures of her upskirts, and then releasing all those photos in the tabloid the following day. 

No actions were taken against the tabloids because she turned 18, which was legal. 

That was the first time she realized how women and men celebrities have different standards in the industry. 

How the media dealt with her as an adult was strange and different compared to her co-actors in Harry Potter.

Emma Fell In Love With Her Costar

Emma worked in the Harry Potter series for a decade and has a perfect friendship with all her co-stars. 

She had a great experience working with her co-stars and bonding with them, but she had something more for her co-star Tom Felton who played Drake

Emma revealed that she had a huge crush on Tom when she was 10 - 12

Tom was older than one and had a skateboard, which attracted Emma. 

Tom used to show his skateboard skills which were enough for Emma to be impressed. However, she never dared to confess to him. 

But when Tom knew about Emma having a crush on him, he said that he had always seen Emma as a little sister, which broke Emma's heart.

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