Who Is Ninette Veale? Mother Of Russell Howard

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Who Is Ninette Veale? Mother Of Russell Howard

Ninette Veale is the mother of an English comedian, presenter, radio presenter, and actor Russell Howard.

Her husband's name is David Howard. She has three children with her husband, David

She has a grandchild named Wesley Vick. She is an English citizen. 

Ninette Veale with husband David Howard and son Russell Howard
Ninette Veale with husband David Howard and son Russell Howard  Source: Stuff

Son's Married Life 

Russell is currently married to Cerys Morgan, who is a doctor. The couple happily tied the knot in 2019

They had held their wedding ceremony in the presence of their family and close friends. 

They kept their relationship private for a very long time. 

They started dating back in 2004, and 15 years after dating, they got married.  

Russell opened up about his relationship in 2016 only. 

Ninette Veale with her son Russell Howard
Ninette Veale with her son Russell Howard Source: Instagram 

About Son Russell 

Russell's full name is Russell Joseph Howard is an English comedian, presenter, radio presenter, and actor born on 23 March 1980

He was born to his parents, Ninette and David Howard. He was raised along with his two siblings in Bath, England. 

He is a well-known name in the entertainment industry. 

Russell has shown his appearance in many comedy series. 

He is popularly known for his show Russell Howard's Good News

He had also worked on the radio as a presenter

Ninette Veale's son Russell Howard
Ninette Veale's son Russell Howard. Source: Instagram 


Russell is 41 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Russell is $4 Million. His source of income comes as being a comedian, presenter, and actor.

The average income of a comedian is $54,080 per year. 

Ninette Tried Marijuana

Ninette and his son purchased some legal marijuana products in Cammy's shop.

Cammy invited Russell and his mother to have marijuana with her mother. They accepted their invitation. 

The surprising thing was that Ninette never did anything like that in her life. 

She didn't want to get high and was worried about it. Cammy then showed her how to intake marijuana on pot. 

When Ninette tried it, she didn't like the taste. She was not high as she consumed it in a small amount. 

But to remove that unpleasant taste of marijuana, she did drink some wine.

Russell Was Criticized For His Thoughts

Russell was hosting his Sky One show where he played a video of a presenter Richard Madeley

The presenter asked if a comedian needs a guide for treating other ethnic groups when Russel suddenly said no. 

Russell denied that white people from the UK need any kind of guide or lesson to treat black or Asian people. 

There was also a guidebook written for comedians to learn how to treat ethnic minorities well. 

Russell called the book a waste of time and said that there were no problems with the comedian. 

Many comedians seem to pass racial comments while performing, which was why the book was written. 

But according to him, there was no problem. He said that the white people of the UK didn't need any kind of guide or take advice

For his this comment and thought, people criticized him. 

He was creating a negative influence among his audience by his thoughts, for which he was a backlashed by people.

Russell Got Angry And Left The Stage

Russell was going to have a tour for which he was prepared pretty early. 

He then tried to practice his preparation in front of a small audience for which he went for a gig in Briston

There he went into the stage and started performing. 

Suddenly he stopped his performance as he saw women filming him. 

He got angry as it was not supposed to be filmed. He pointed out to that woman and shouted at the woman, saying she could not shoot. 

He expressed that it would end his preparation if the video gets uploaded to social media. 

He was so angry that he carried his backpack and left the show. 

Audiences were disappointed with the women. 

The woman said she was not filming the comedian, but it seemed she was lying. 

The show was a paid show; hence the organizers were also silent. 

It was not only the mistake of women as the organizers didn't inform anyone that they could not film him performing.

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