Who Is Noah Rev Maurer? Son Of Josh Lucas

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Who Is Noah Rev Maurer? Son Of Josh Lucas

Noah Rev Maurer is the son of Josh Lucas, an American actor. His mother's name is Jessica Ciencin Henriquez.

Noah Rev Maurer with his parents.
Noah Rev Maurer with his parents. Source: People

Noah Had His First Kiss With Uma Thurman’s Daughter

Josh talked about his experience on having his 11-year-old son Noah Rev on the set of the TV show Yellowstone, where he played a younger version of Kevin Costner’s character. 

He mentioned a funny moment when he tripped while filming a scene, and his son teased him. 

Although he doesn’t often talk about his son publicly, he once mentioned that Noah had his first kiss with Uma Thurman’s daughter while they were working together on Broadway

Parent's Marriage And Divorce

Josh and Jessica Ciencin Henriquez were married but got divorced in 2014

They had a challenging relationship and faced tough times like Jessica’s cancer diagnosis. 

However, they realized they still loved each other and decided to give their relationship another chance. 

They have a son with Noah, whom they care about deeply. 

After their divorce, they started living together again in New York City in 2015 while Jessica was attending grad school. 

Josh and Jessica got divorced in 2014 but have remained committed to raising their son together. 

Parents of Noah Rev Maurer.
Parents of Noah Rev Maurer. Source: Pinterest


Noah was born in June 2012. He is 11 years old as of 2023.

Net Worth 

Josh's net worth is about $18 Million

Noah Rev Maurer with his father, Josh Lucas.
Noah Rev Maurer with his father, Josh Lucas. Source: Pinterest

Josh Shared His Experience Living In Bali

Josh Lucas had some exciting and scary experiences living in Bali, Indonesia. He sent his son to a school called Green School Bali

Once, when they rented a house in Bali, they found lots of spiders and bugs inside, which was a bit creepy. 

But they didn’t leave Bali and instead embraced the unique and wild things about living there, like encountering monkeys. 

He also talked about a scary incident where monkeys surrounded another family in Bali in their house. 

Even when more people came to help, the boss monkey and his group wouldn’t go away. 

The family had to shoot into the air to scare them off, but it took eight hours for the monkeys to leave finally. 

Josh also shared how he went from living in the jungle in Bali to working in Hollywood

He talked about his role in the movie Ford v Ferrari, where he played a Ford executive who had doubts about the main characters. 

The interview ended with a funny conversation about spiders in Bali

Josh Wanted To Play Kevin Costner’s Son In Show Yellowstone

Josh plays a role in the TV show Yellowstone

He initially wanted to be one of Kevin Costner’s character’s sons but was instead cast as a younger version of Kevin Costner’s character in flashback scenes. 

He didn’t have many appearances in the first few seasons but is now returning in a more significant way for season 5. 

Josh was excited to work with Taylor Sheridan, the show’s creator, and was drawn to the story because it reminded him of his experiences growing up on an Indian reservation. 

He had a bit of nervousness and pressure to get the character right when he returned for season 5. 

He never talked directly with Kevin Costner about the character. Still, he respects Taylor S. Sheridan for his dedication to the show and attention to detail, even with things like costumes. 

This year, Josh is going back and forth between shooting for Yellowstone and another show called Mrs. American Pie, which has a star-studded cast. 

While filming in Montana for Yellowstone, he had to juggle these roles and deal with challenges like wildfires and grizzly bears. 

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