Who Is Noel Holmes? Mother Of Elizabeth Holmes

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Who Is Noel Holmes? Mother Of Elizabeth Holmes

Noel Holmes is best known for her daughter Elizabeth Holmes who is an American entrepreneur and was CEO of the medical diagnostic company Theranos Inc

Noel is married to Christain Holmes.

She became the youngest female billionaire at the age of 19. 

Noel Holmes's husband Christain Holmes.
Noel Holmes's husband, Christain Holmes. Source: Business Insider

Elizabeth's Strong Family Background

Elizabeth's father comes from a distinguished lineage. His great-grandfather Christain Holmes was an engineer and also a doctor. 

He emigrated from Denmark to Cincinnati, Ohio. He became so successful that a hospital was named after him in Cincinnati

He was married to Bettie Fleischmann. She was from a wealthy family. Her family had founded Fleischmann Yeast and a pioneering packaged yeast company.

Whenever Elizabeth was asked about her great mind in business, she always mentioned her family members. A great mind comes from great genes. 

Christian(Elizabeth's father) grew up in a wealthy family. His businessman father raised him, and his mother was a model. 

Elizabeth was very dedicated to her father's business and used to follow her father. 

She knew from her childhood what she wanted to do when she grew up. She was a very ambitious girl. 

Her father also served as a vice president at energy companies. So Elizabeth's success in Theranos was her parents' money and her father's connection. 

Noel Holmes's daughter, Elizabeth Holmes.
Noel Holmes's daughter, Elizabeth Holmes. Source: Pinterest

Noel Is A Proud Mother Of A Billionaire

Noel is not much in the public eye like her husband. Instead, she lived her life privately as a wife and mother. 

She has worked in government, serving as a foreign policy. Noel has two children. 

And her daughter Elizabeth is the youngest female billionaire in the world. 

She still remembers when Elizabeth decided to write a patent application for the first time. 

She used to sit in front of the computer continuously for five or six days, and she knew her daughter was so committed and determined from a very young age.

She was very supportive of her daughter. She supported her when Elizabeth decided to quit school and launch a startup. 

She wanted to let her children do what they were passionate about. 

She said she wanted her to follow her dreams and help people to change the world. But there were rumors about Elizabeth not having a good relationship with her parents. 

At her 30th birthday party, Noel and her husband were not invited. 

And when one of her friends' parents was talking with Elizabeth's parents on the phone, they were unaware of their daughter's birthday party. 

They assume Elizabeth doesn’t seem very close to her parents. 


Noel was born on January 21, 1950. She is 73 years old. Her maiden name is Daoust.

Net Worth

Noel's net worth is unknown. In her time, her billionaire daughter's net worth was estimated at $4.5 billion.

Elizabeth Was Sentenced To Prison For More Than 11 Years

Elizabeth was charged with multiple charges of defrauding investors while running failed blood-testing startup Theranos. 

Attorneys did not respond to CNN on ongoing Elizabeth's case. 

Elizabeth's ex-boyfriend Ramesh Balwani, the chief operating officer at Theranos, was found guilty multiple times in a separate trial. 

Elizabeth Holmes with her husband.
Elizabeth Holmes with her husband. Source: Business Insider

He was sentenced to about 13 years in December. His request to remain out of prison was denied. 

And later, he was ordered to surrender to prison on April 20.

Elizabeth's trial was delayed many times because of the COVID-19 pandemic at that time and her pregnancy. 

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