Noelle Robinson

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Noelle Robinson

Noelle Robinson is the daughter of Cynthia Bailey and Leon Robinson

She is an actress known for her appearance in The Millennial as Vanessa Etienne and at Real Housewives of Atlanta

Noelle is a pansexual whose gender identity has been revealed in Season 12, 2019, at Real Housewives of Atlanta. 

She confirmed that she feels more connected with girls through her YouTube channel. 

She had recently been in a relationship with Alexis Powell and had a break-up. Alexis Powell is YouTuber. They had their first meet at Howard University.

Family and Siblings

Noelle has three fathers, but her biological father's name is Leon Robinson

Leon Robinson is an actor, singer, and songwriter at his band Leon and Peoples.

Her mother, Cynthia Denise Bailey-Hill, was married to Peter Thomas at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History on July 24, 2010

They got divorced in March 2017, as they had declared in 2016

It has been acknowledged that Bravo TV personality Cynthia's cause of divorce was their financial issue which was related to a plot of land in Atlanta.

She started dating Mike Hill in August 2018, and the couple got married on October 10, 2020.  

Cynthia ensured a safe wedding ceremony by wearing mask and face shields amidst of Covid upsurge.

Noelle Robinson mother, Cynthia Bailey, and stepfather Mike Hill
Noelle Robinson mother, Cynthia Bailey, and stepfather Mike Hill  Source: Instagram

Noelle's Name Meaning

Noelle's name has been derived from the old French term "Noël," which means Christmas Day

Whereas, American and German version of her name has its biblical meaning, Lord's Birthday.

Relationships with Her Parents

Leon and Cynthia dated several years, but they never married. After the birth of their daughter, they ended their relationship.

The formal couple maintains a good relationship till now and is often seen with their daughter.

Noelle Robinson parents 
Noelle Robinson parents    Source: Instagram

Cynthia's first marriage was broken because of their land in Atlanta.

It was disclosed by her ex-husband Peter Thomas despite Cynthia not wanting to reveal it in public.

The book was published on September 2, 2013, by Griffin Scott Press

The book consists of 298 pages describing Cynthia and Peter's marriage life with his five children and five co-parents.

After getting divorced from her first husband, she married Mike Hill, a TV personality and actor. 

He is mainly known as the host of talk shows Fox Soul and Fox Sports. He is also a good friend of Noelle's father, Leon Robinson.

Noelle had to settle with her mother after her divorce at a house named Lake Bailey.

Then, her mother shifted to home as producers convinced her of The Real Housewives of Atlanta

However, she wanted to live in an apartment to have a New York sort of lifestyle.

Cynthia is also a cast member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The show had featured both mothers Cynthia and her daughter.

Noelle has a supportive family, as she confirmed through her YouTube channel. 

She also accepted that her parents helped her with financial problems when she was not financially strong.

Fake Assumptions Made about Noelle

There are numerous assumptions about Noelle being born to star parents. 

She had recently spoken about it in June 2021 through her YouTube channel. 

She stated that she has been living in California and she loves the place. 

She informed the public that her rumors of getting pregnant are entirely false. 

She said that she'd discovered her gender identity earlier but talked about it to her mother on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Noelle Robinson with her mother 
Noelle Robinson with her mother   Source: Instagram

Net Worth and Earnings

She is an actress, her net worth is $1.5 Million, and her source of income is TV shows.

Net Worth    $1.5 Million
Income SourceActress, TV personality, and You Tuber

Age, Weight, and Height

  1. She was born on November 9, 1999. Her current age is 21 years.
  2. She has an average weight, and her height is 1.65 m.
  3. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

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