Who Is Norma Gibson? Ex-Wife Of Tyrese Gibson

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Who Is Norma Gibson? Ex-Wife Of Tyrese Gibson

Norma Gibson is the ex-wife of American actor and singer Tyrese Gibson

She was born in London, and is a British Citizen by her nationality. 

Norma Gibson with her ex-husband, Tyrese Gibson.
Norma Gibson with her ex-husband, Tyrese Gibson. Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Norma 

Norma was previously married to her ex-husband Tyrese

She met Tyrese back in 2002 in the UK, and shortly after getting to know each other, they started dating. 

She then moved to the USA with him, and in 2007, they tied the knot. 

They share a daughter named Shayla Somer Gibson. They were only married for a year, and later, in 2009, they divorced. 

Norma Gibson's ex-husband, Tyrese Gibson, and their daughter.
Norma Gibson's ex-husband, Tyrese Gibson, and their daughter. Source: Instagram

Norma Accused Her Husband of Assault 

Norma and her ex-husband Tyrese separated a year after their marriage. 

Their marriage ended with divorce, and Norma filed a restraining order against Tyrese

She even accused him of assaulting their daughter, Shayla

Norma claimed that Tyrese beat their daughter so severely that her little daughter had to beg for mercy. 

According to Norma, her daughter took money from the piggy bank, which pissed off Tyrese so severely that he lost control. 

He threw the little girl on the ground, pinned her face, and kept his knee on her back. 

He beat his daughter so severely that after the incident, she couldn't sit because of the pain, and their daughter confirmed the statement. 

However, Tyrese denied that accusation, saying he didn’t do anything, and later the charges were dropped.

About Her Ex-Husband Tyrese

Tyrese is a professional actor and singer. He is well known for his role play as Roman Pearce in the Fast and Furious movie Franchise. 

He was born to his parents, Tyrone Priscilla and Murray Gibson, in 1978. He has his birthday on December 30

Is Tyrese Married?

Tyrese is currently unmarried; however, he does have a girlfriend. He is presently dating Zelie Timothy

They started dating in 2021 but kept their relationship private until March 2022

They are happily enjoying their love life together.

Age And Net Worth 

Tyrese is 44 years old. He has a net worth of $6 Million

Tyrese Never Wanted To Marry Norma

Tyrese and Norma’s marriage fell apart shortly after they got married. 

They divorced, and the truth behind their marriage came out after the divorce. 

Tyrese revealed his reasons to marry Norma and said he married her just for the child.

Norma was originally from the UK and moved to the USA after she got into a relationship with Tyrese

She got pregnant with their first baby before their marriage, and as she wasn’t a permanent citizen of the USA, Tyrese considered marrying her to make her and the baby stay in the USA

He didn’t marry her because he wanted to live or have a good married life with her. 

He admitted wanting to keep the baby close and have a good relationship with the child, as he couldn’t keep traveling to the UK to meet the baby. 

Tyrese Got Played

Tyrese had his second marriage with a woman named Samantha Lee

They were in a relationship for five years and shared a daughter. 

They married in 2017, and by 2020, they were already divorced. 

After spending so many years with Samantha, he later learned that his marriage was a game. 

He revealed that Samantha married him for his money and status, not because she loved him. 

It broke his heart; he felt so used because his wife married him for the money. 

He got to know about him being used by his ex-wife during their divorce trial, and he left the trial room feeling devastated. 

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