Who Is Norman Waterhouse? Father Of Suki Waterhouse

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Who Is Norman Waterhouse? Father Of Suki Waterhouse

Norman Waterhouse is the father of English model, actress and singer Suki Waterhouse. His wife name is Elizabeth Waterhouse

He has two children with Elizabeth, and both of them are daughters. 

He is of English nationality.

Norman Waterhouse's wife Suki Waterhouse and daughter Elizabeth Waterhouse
Norman Waterhouse's wife Suki Waterhouse and daughter Elizabeth Waterhouse Source: Daily Mail

Daughter's Relationship Status

Suki is currently in a relationship with Robert Pattison, a well-known actor. 

The couple started dating each other in 2018

 Suki Waterhouse's boyfriend Robert Pattison
Suki Waterhouse's boyfriend Robert Pattison Source: Instagram

Suki's Past Dating Life

In 2011, Suki had a love affair with Miles Kane, who was a musician

They dated for 3 years, and after that, they broke up. 

She then dated Bradley Cooper for 2 years straight and later ended the relationship. 

In 2016, Suki dated Diego Luna for a year. 

Norman Waterhouse's daughter Suki Waterhouse
Norman Waterhouse's daughter Suki Waterhouse Source: Instagram


Suki is 30 years old

Net Worth 

The net worth of Suki is $10 Million. She earns her income as being a model, actress and singer. 

Suki Wears Friend's Clothes

In the interview with WIRED, Suki answered some of the questions that were mostly searched by the people in the interview, and her co-star was also there in the interview. 

The very first question was about her face shape, and for that, she replied, saying that she has a square face. 

Most of the people were curious about what she eats and what her height was. 

She said that she is short and her height is 5'7. Talking about what she eats, she said that she had been staying in a hotel with her costar and there she had been eating a lot of meat. 

She opened up in that she don't buy lots of clothes as she feels is a waste of money, and the dress that she was wearing while giving the interview was actually of her friend.

Monk Is Her Friend

Suki is a well-known model in the modeling industry. Suki once went on a hiking trip to Bhutan, where she met a monk

There she and the monk introduced each other, and that's how they become good friends with each other. 

She is still in contact with that monk, and they are very close to each other. 

They are also connected through their social media and share many things. 

Suki's monk friend from Bhutan sends Suki the word of wisdom, and Suki shares cooking videos of the TikTok.

Suki Cried After A Movie

Suki is not into superhero movie, according to her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson

But while watching the movie Batman of Robert, he opened up that his girlfriend Suki was in tears. 

She literally started crying seeing his movie. 

Robert was watching her and seeing her reaction, but her crying by watching the movie changed the flow experience for Robert

It made him feel that his movie Batman was indeed great. 

Moreover, Suki was all over Robert after the movie as he was looking great in the movie, according to Robert.

Suki Likes Costume Dramas

In an interview, when Suki was asked about her choosing a sci-fi movie of epic costume dramas, she revealed that she would like to work in a sci-fi movie, but she really loves the outfit and costumes in the drama. Hence she will love to work on epic costume dramas. 

She expressed that she has different love for costumes. 

Moreover, she revealed that she stayed in her pajamas for quite a long time in lockdown. 

Hence she said that she would rather wear a ball gown to a pub than pajama in a movie premiere. 

She also revealed in the same interview that she would like to have her Instagram account banned rather than her google search to be public. 

She thinks that getting banned on Instagram would really be cool.

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