Novalee Reign Baltierra- Adorable Daughter Of Catelynn Lowell

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Novalee Reign Baltierra- Adorable Daughter Of Catelynn Lowell

Novalee Reign Baltierra is the eldest daughter of American reality television personality, author and public speaker Catelynn Lowell.

Her father name is Tyler Baltierra. She has two siblings. She is an American

Novalee with her parents
Novalee with her parents  Source: Instagram 

Parents Relationship

Catelynn is in a relationship with Tyler Baltierra. They have been together for many years. 

Tyler and Catelynn started dating back in 2005. They are childhood lovers as they started dating each other after they met in 7th grade. 

Catelynn’s husband proposed to her and they got engaged in 2009. Catelynn gave birth to her first daughter after two years of their engagement. 

Their wedding took place on August 2015 and in the same year, their daughter was born. 

Catelynn was just 23 years old when she got pregnant with her first daughter. They have three daughters together. 

They have already completed 16 years together and still counting more.

About Catelynn Lowell

Catelynn is an American reality television personality, author and public speaker born on March 12, 1992

Her parents raised her in Port Huron in Michigan. She is well known for her series named 16 and Pregnant

She has shown her appearance in many series. One of her best series is Teen Mom and Couples Therapy

Besides being a TV personality, she is an author too and has published her book in 2015

She is happily married and has three children with her husband

Novalee Reign Baltierra with her younger sister
Novalee Reign Baltierra with her younger sister  Source: Instagram 

Happiness Because Of Pregnancy 

Catelynn gave an interview on the MTV Teen Mom show where she and her husband Tyler talked about their pregnancy and many more. 

The interview started, and the very first question was for Tyler; the interviewer asked him about his feeling after finding out about his wife's pregnancy. 

Tyler said he had many mixed feelings after hearing about being a dad. He revealed that he has been giggling and laughing for hours, and sometimes he gets anxiety. 

He is very happy about the pregnancy. 

He was then asked why he didn't write a letter to Kate. For that, he said that he doesn't trust his words. 

He says different things time and again, and he doesn't know what he says, and he has no confidence in words. 

He didn't want anyone to get the misinformation, so he did not write a letter to Kate

He then talked about his relationship with Brandon and Teresa and said that he could not go and talk to Carly unless going to Brandon

Carly is their adoptive child, and he is very respectful about that. Catelynn said that Brandon could snatch everything from them just in a sec. 

Catelynn's husband Tyler showed gratitude toward Brandon and said he was thankful to him. 

He said that without Brandon, his daughter wouldn't be there with them, and he is thankful to her for giving life. 

He has nothing to say to him and says that he is still searching about their relationship with Brandon

He wants Brandon to know his responsibility and wants him to make a comfortable way to approach him. He wants Brandon to make him and Catelynn safe and comfortable.


Novalee was born in 2015 and is currently 6 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Catelynn is $20k. Her source of income comes as being television personality, author and public speaker. 

The average income of a television personality is $44,683 per year. 

Novalee Was The Reason For Catelynn To Quit Smoking

Catelynn used to smoke. She frequently smoked cigarettes and was addicted to it. 

But her habit of smoking was stopped as she got pregnant with Novalee

Smoking could negatively affect Novalee’s health condition, which made Catelynn quit her smoking habit. 

But a few month after the birth of Novalee, she again started smoking. 

When she was asked about this addiction, she said it was all because of her mental health. She has a mental issue, so she smoke to overcome it. 

Novalee Reign Baltierra playing piano
Novalee Reign Baltierra playing piano  Source: Instagram

Catelynn Lowell Got Hospitalized

In 2020, Catelynn had a terrible accident. Catelynn was hospitalized after she injured her foot. 

She fell off the stairs and injured her foot. She was rushed into the emergency ward after the accident. 

She was in too much pain. She was suffering a lot, and her injury looked serious. 

She shared her bad news with her fans and followers through social media. 

She shared a photo of her leg in the hospital with a bandage and stitches in her snap chat. 

Her fans and followers send her warm wishes. Fortunately for Catelynn, the injury was not too serious as it seemed to be. 

She was given standard treatment, and after a few days of hospitalization, she was released, and eventually, she recovered.

Catelynn Almost Committed Suicide

Catelynn went through a miscarriage in 2017. That was a bad year for her. Her miscarriage brought darkness to her life. 

She started having negative thoughts after her miscarriage. She slowly went into depression. 

She frequently woke up due to panic attacks, and her hopes to live were dying. She started to have suicidal thoughts when she was alone. 

Once, she even saw a belt hanging in her room and thought of dying by wrapping the belt in the neck. 

She later thought that it was not going well for her and decided to share it with her husband and close once. 

She was psychologically treated afterward, and she overcame through her negativity.

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