Olive Barrymore Kopelman

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Olive Barrymore Kopelman

Olive Barrymore is the first daughter of famous American actress Drew Barrymore. Olive's father's name is Will Kopelman. 

She was born in 2012. She also has a sister who is two years younger than her named Frankie. She is an American citizen.

Got Popularity at the Young Age

As being the daughter of famous actress Drew, she is so popular among people.

Though she is small, it seems like she has a lot of interest in photography too. 

Her mother tries to keep her daughter out of fame and limelight. 

But whenever she posts something about her, it automatically gets a lot of attention from her fan. 

Olive took photos of her mom. Her mother wants to give Olive and her younger sister a normal life and childhood.

Her mother also says that she didn't want her daughter to get involved in acting before 18.

Olive Barrymore with her mother and sister 
Olive Barrymore with her mother and sister  Source: Instagram

Mother Sent to Mental Asylum 

At the age of 13, Drew was sent to the mental asylum by her mother. Her childhood was never normal like others.

She had to deal with illegal addiction in her past. Because of that addiction, she was out of control, which ended her in a mental asylum. 

She got into drinking habits at the age the very young age of 12. After one year of drinking, and she became a drug addict.  

She achieved popularity at the age of seven by her character play in E.T. 

Her addiction made her so insane that she harmed her by cutting her wrist when she was just thirteen

Afterwards her mother sent her to the mental asylum for treatment. At that time her parents were already divorced.

She spent 18 months in a mental asylum and had a miserable life over there. 

When she was 14 years old, she became an adult legally after legally separated from her mother

She and her mother had a messed relationship before, but later she said that her mother did the right thing by taking her to the asylum.

Drew as a child with her mother
Drew as a child with her mother  Source: Instagram

Drew Barrymore Injured On Set

Drew was caught in an accident while she was acting for her horror movie. 

She got an injury in her brain after that accident. Drew fell into cement while she was doing her stunt. 

As she was badly injured, she was rushed into the hospital for treatment. She had to go through CAT Scans and MRI scans because of the brain injury. 

Because of the accident shooting was also stopped. She later returned to the set after she was fine but completely denied doing her own stunts

As she was also the mother of two children, she ended up doing her practice actions by herself.

Olive Barrymore mother
Olive Barrymore mother  Source: Instagram

Relationship status of Drew Barrymore

Drew got engaged at an early age. When she was 16, she got engaged to Leland Hayward. 

But they ended after few months of their engagement. 

Then she got engaged with Jamie Walter, who was a musician and an actor.

After one year of their engagement, they ended up.  She then married Jeremy Thomas, a bar owner, and filed a divorce against him after two months of their marriage.

In 1994 she dated Eric Erlandson. They both dated for a year and got married. 

Their married life didn't last for long, and they got divorced two years later. 

In the same year, Barrymore dated Fabrizio Moretti. They both met at the concert, immediately started dating each other, and broke up after a short period.  

She then dated Will Kopelman. They both got married in 2012

She has two daughters with him named Olive and Frankie

Their relationship didn't work long. As a result, Barrymore and Kopelman both got divorced in 2016.

Net Worth 

She is just a kid; however, her mother Drew net worth is $125 Million. Her source of income is an actress. 

Age, Height, and Weight

She is eight years now. She is a growing kid, so her height and weight are unknown.

About Drew Barrymore

Drew is an American actress who was born on February 22, 1975.  

She was the daughter of John Blyth Barrymore and Jaid Barrymore, an actor. 

She belonged to an acting family. Her parents got divorced when she was nine years old. 

She started her acting career when she was just seven years. 

She had played many movies along with tv series. Although she had a terrible childhood, she has achieved a lot of success now. 

Barrymore is now a mother of two daughters Olive and Frankie.

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