Who Is Oliver Arteta Bernal? Son Of Mikel Arteta

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Who Is Oliver Arteta Bernal? Son Of Mikel Arteta

Oliver Arteta Bernal is the youngest son of Spanish football manager and former football player Mikel Arteta

His mother's name is Lorena Bernal, who is a TV host and a model. He has two elder brothers with him. 

Oliver was born in Spain. He is Spanish by his nationality.

Oliver Arteta Bernal's father Mikel Arteta.
Oliver Arteta Bernal's father Mikel Arteta. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Mikel

Mikel is married to Lorena Bernal, who is an Argentine-Spanish TV host and model. 

He married Lorena in 2010. They together have three children, all boys. 

Their eldest son's name is Gabriel Arteta Bernal, who is thirteen years and the second son's name is Daniel, who is ten years old

Oliver has his birthday on 2nd June.

Parents of Oliver Arteta Bernal.
Parents of Oliver Arteta Bernal. Source: Instagram


His father, Mikel, is 40 years old

Net Worth

The net worth of Mikel is $71 million. He earns being a football manager.

Oliver Arteta Bernal's mom Lorena Bernal.
Oliver Arteta Bernal's mom Lorena Bernal. Source: Instagram

Mikel Felt Disconnected From Fans

Mikel was a great football player in his career time, and now he is working as a football manager in one of the biggest clubs in the world, Arsenal.

He loves everything about the team, and he has been giving his best to the team. 

With overall training, management and betterment of the team, he had something more challenging to look up to the connection with the fans. 

He loves to maintain a good relationship with the club's fans. 

Hence he is trying his best to impress them with his games and tactics. 

Somehow, the fans also seem to like Mikel now because of his results towards the team.

Mikel Made Mistakes In His Managing Career

Being the youngest football manager in the Premier League, he is quite skilled in what he does. 

But saying that, he is not perfect. 

He expressed that he has also made many mistakes and made many bad decisions in his career. 

When he looks into the past, he has some decisions that he would have corrected. 

But he also said that those mistakes made him much more mature, and he has always been learning new things from the same mistakes. 

Mikel also revealed that he had no idea about his past mistakes, in those moments, he didn't have any idea. 

So it was all right for him to make mistakes at that moment.

Mikel Can Speak Seven Languages

Mikel is one of the few players who can speak seven different languages. 

In an interview, he revealed all the languages that he knows and how he knew to speak all of those languages. 

He belongs from a Basque country of Spain; hence he can speak the Basque language and Spanish

Also, he knows the international language, English

He once played in PSG; hence he had learned French and knew how to speak that language. 

Moreover, he learned Catalan in Barcelona because all the teaching was in the Catalan language. 

Also, he had a close Portuguese friend with whom he used to converse in Portuguese.

Finally, he also knows how to speak Italian. He loved Italian culture and traditions. 

Also, he learned Italian because he is attracted to the Italian language and the country.

Aubameyang Damaged The Values

Mikel let one of the greatest players of Arsenal, Aubameyang, go to another club without any objections. 

Being one of the valuable players for the team, it was not a wise choice, according to many of the club's fans. 

But what Mikel expressed was that there was no place for any player, good or bad, in the club who doesn't follow the club's values. 

He didn't blame the player directly, but he did said that players who will damage the norms and values of the club will have no place in the club. 

He also added that he didn't recruit any new players to the club despite lacking some players because of their sustainable vision. 

He revealed that the club only wanted the best player, and they didn't find any best player in the transfer whom they could have recruited.

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