Olivier Sarkozy

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Olivier Sarkozy

Olivier Sarkozy is the ex-husband of American fashion designer, former actress, and producer Mary-Kate Olsen.

He is a banker by profession. He has four siblings. He was born in Billancourt, France. He is a French citizen. 

Married life of Olivier Sarkozy 

Olivier was firstly married to Charlotte Bernard back in the 1990s. He had two children Margot and Julien, with his ex-wife.

They stayed in a together for 14 years and ended their marriage in 2010

After that, he married Mary-Kate Olsen, a well-known actress, and fashion designer. The couple happily tied the knot in 2012

They were a happy couple until their divorce. They decided to end their marriage in 2020 and filed for divorce. Their divorce was confirmed in 2021

Olivier Sarkozy with his ex-wife Charlotte Bernard
Olivier Sarkozy with his ex-wife Charlotte Bernard  Source: Big World Tale

How Did Olivier Meet His Ex-Wife?

Olivier met his ex-wife Mary in 2012. They attended a party where they accidentally met each other. 

They spent a lot of time together after that party, and after some time, they started dating each other. 

They got married in the same year.

Olivier Sarkozy with his second wife Mary-Kate Olsen
Olivier Sarkozy with his second wife Mary-Kate Olsen Source: Instagram 

About Olivier Sarkozy 

Olivier is a French banker born on May 26, 1969. His full name is Pierre Olivier Sarkozy de Nagy-Bocsa

He was born and raised in Paris, France, with his four siblings. 

He is a banker who started his banking career in 1990 in the American Investment Bank

He came to the spotlight after he married Mary-Kate. As a banker, he has worked for several banks. 

He has earned huge success from his banking career. He is currently the Board of Directors of BankUnited.

Olivier's ex-wife Mary-Kate Olsen
Olivier's ex-wife Mary-Kate Olsen  Source: Instagram 


Olivier is 52 years old. His height is 1.9m.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Olivier is $70 Million. His source of income comes as being a banker. 

The average income of a banker is $103,000 per year in America

Olivier Sarkozy's Ex-Wife Was Almost Fired From The Full House

Olivier's ex-wife Mary Kate and her twin sister Ashley are known for their roles in the series Full House

They were featured in the series since they were just nine months. 

But it might come as a surprise that they almost got themselves fired. 

They didn't cry at the audition of the Full House, but while shooting, they cried a lot, and getting a shot became too difficult. 

Hence they were replaced by other babies. But the director couldn't get satisfied as the twins were too adorable. 

Thus the director got Kate and Ashley back and shot anyway.

Mary Went To Rehabilitation

Mary and her sister Ashley Olsen are twins. They both look alike and are famous twins. 

Back then, in their teenage, the rumors were out on the media that the twins had an eating disorder. 

It was not a bad or strange thing, but the media seems to talk too much about it. 

The media made it so big that a show host also joked about their weight. They seem to be so uncomfortable in the show. 

They were so insecure about their weight and body that they went to a rehabilitation center for it.

Mary-Kate And Her Sister Are Non-Identical

Mary and her sister Ashley are twins by birth. They have been together from their birth till now and have their fashion line. 

Many people know them for their work in Full House, but people cannot separate them as a person. 

Not many people can find out who Ashley is and who Kate is. They are not identical in many ways. 

It is pretty difficult to differentiate between them when they are standing far. 

But it becomes easy if they are standing next to each other. It is because Kate is an inch taller than Ashley. Ashley is right-handed while Mary-Kate is left-handed.

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