Onyx Kelly

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Onyx Kelly

Onyx Kelly is the mother's son of famous rappers Amethyst Amelia Kelly (stage name Iggy Azalea) and Jordan Terell Carter (Playboi Carti).

His Last Name

Onyx was born on June 10, 2020. He lives in Los Angeles with his mother, Iggy Azaela

He is a single child of Amethyst Amelia Kelly and Jordan Terell Carter. His grandparents are Tanya Kelly and Brendan Kelly

Iggy has said that she has been raising her child alone. She has claimed that she would be happy to look after Onyx by herself. 

Onyx's last name has also been derived from his mother rather than his father, Carti.

Onyx on his mother arms
Onyx in his mother's arms  Source: Instagram

Entanglements between Onyx's Parents

Iggy had met with Playboi Carti in June 2018 and got engaged in July 2019.

She had concealed her pregnancy from the public and revealed Onyx's birth later. 

Despite Carti and Iggy having been spotted together several times, this couple has heated disputes one after another.  

Iggy has revealed Carti is false-hearted as he had chosen his friends and other things over his family. 

Iggy further clarifies that Carti was absent during Onyx's birth. She also stated that he refused to sign their son's birth certificate.

 She claimed through her social media that Carti had illicit relations with other girls during her pregnancy.

Iggy now shares publicly to be a single parent of Onyx Kelly.

Onyx Kelly parents Iggy and Carti
Onyx Kelly's parents Iggy and Carti. Source: Pinterest

Iggy's Past 

Being born Kelly's Australian, Iggy had thought of building her career in music from a very early. 

Along with a few girls, she had started rapping in her early teens and left her high school. 

She was driven toward her career and had flown to the United States when she was around 16.

Being an Australian origin, she struggled to adjust to the United States

In the US, She took her general academic skills and had to make an effort to settle there. However, she was only accepted as a permanent citizen of the US in 2018.

She has dated several well-known figures. Iggy and Rocky had been dating each other since 2011

She had tattooed her finger showing her love for him. But after a few months, they broke up. She removed her tattoo as they separated in July 2012.

Iggy and American basketball player Nick Young's relationship came out in March 2014

They had announced their engagement in June 2015. However, after one year, they had trust issues, and it seemed Nick cheated on her.

Onyx Kelly mother Iggy Azalea
Onyx Kelly's mother, Iggy Azalea   Source: Instagram

Iggy and Montana were found to be together for a few months. They went to Mexico for a trip, and after that, they were not seen together. 

Currently, she is single and giving full time to her only son  Onyx.

About Father, Playboi Carti

On September 13, 1996, he was born in Georgia, United States. He began his career in rap music in 2011

He released his first studio album, Die Lit, on May 11, 2018, which was at number three on US Billboard 200 chart

He released his second studio album, Whole Lotta Red, in late 2018

He has dated several celebrities such as Blac Chyna, Rubi Rose, etc.

Currently, he resides in Atlanta.

Onyx Kelly father Playboi Carti
Onyx Kelly's father, Playboi Carti  Source: Pinterest

Break From MKelly'susic 

Iggy Azalea interviewed Entertainment Tonight, where she talked about her music album inspiration and opened up about her taking a break from music. 

She started the interview by talking about her last music album and said that many past stories inspired her and that those stories were the reason behind her previous album's songs. 

She said that she had done many useless things while in her 20s

She said that she has always realized her wanting to do something creative and different from music.

But as she was in her music career, recording and other musical stuff took her whole time, and she could not focus on other things that she wanted to do. 

But she thought that it was the best time that she should pause her music career and focus on the creative things that she had in her and make it happen. 

She told me that "The End of an Era" is her last album, and she had put her whole effort and time into that music album, which is very important to her. 

That was no skip album for her, and she revealed that she is not completely ending her career. 

She said that she might show her comeback after 3 or 4 years and that time she would share everything about her this time as she wasn't comfortable talking about her personal life while she was giving this interview. 

She said before, in her 20s, while she wrote music, nobody knew whom it was connected to, but as she started getting into the fandom, whatever she said or wrote in her songs, people joined them with someone or the other, and because of that, she didn't feel like writing songs anymore. 

She opened up about why her taking a break from music was not being comfortable, to be frank, in public. Her motherhood  was also the reason behind that, as she has a son, she doesn't want any unnecessary drama and people in her life.

To know more about the interview, do check the link. 

Net Worth

Onyx is just a child, and he does not earn. 

But the net worth of her mother is $6 million, and rapping music videos has been her income source.

Net Worth$6 Million
Income SourceModel, Rapper, and Songwriter

Age, Weight, and Height

  1. He is one year old.
  2. His current weight and height information is not available.
  3. His zodiac sign is Gemini.

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