Orel Mangala Girlfriend? Parents Yacine Mangala And Limbere Mangala

by Pragya Wed May 01 2024 Updated On Wed May 01 2024
Orel Mangala Girlfriend? Parents Yacine Mangala And Limbere Mangala

Orel Mangala is a professional footballer. His full name is Orel Johnson Mangala. 

He currently plays for the Olympique Lyonnais FC as a loan player from Nottingham Forest

He plays in the position of defensive player. He is also on the national team and plays for the Belgian National Team

He made his debut in the national team on March 26, 2022, in a friendly match against Republic of Ireland

He was born to his parents, Yacine Mangala and Limbere Mangala, in Brussels, Belgium. He is a Belgian citizen by nationality. 

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Orel Mangala considers his best friend as his twin brother
Orel Mangala considers his best friend as his twin brother. Source: Instagram

Is Orel married? 

Orel isn’t married yet so he doesn't have a wife. Also, it seems like he doesn't have a girlfriend as well. 

Age and Net Worth

Orel was born on March 18, 1998. He is 26 years old

His net worth is estimated to be $1 Million. His source of income is his football career. 

Orel is getting better every season? 

Orel played Premier League 2023 from Nottingham Forest

He and his team really gave a good performance on that season, and after the end of the league, he was filled with joy for the achievements. 

His team celebrated on the city ground after the match, and even on the pitch after the last whistle, Orel showed a little dance. 

He also talked about the progress he made in that season. 

His game was much better than the previous season, and he is planning to make it better in the upcoming days. 

He and his team had worked really hard for the game, and Orel personally felt that he had improved at everything compared to last season. 

The whole season was tough mentally and physically but he was glad that he and his team achieved the goal they set.

Orel’s experience at Nottingham Forest 

Orel joined Nottingham Forest FC in 2022. He was previously part of the Bundesliga, and after joining Nottingham, he became part of the Premier League

He moved to England to join the team, and it’s a big step for him. 

He was very happy to be on the team, and on the very first week of him joining the team, he received a warm welcome from his teammates. 

He had a great first week and was waiting for good upcoming days in the future. 

Orel also opened up that the coach made him extremely comfortable and the one thing that made him join the team was the coach who made him feel nice as a young player. 

After that, he immediately signed the contract and joined the team.

Orel’s transfer to Lyons 

Orel was transferred to Olympique Lyonnais on February 1, 2024, as a loan player. 

He talked about his transfer in the interview and said that it happened really quickly. 

All the decision about him moving to Lyon was taken just a day before he got there. 

He packed his bags, booked the flight, and the next day, he was at the Lyon

When he reached, there were many fans of Orel waiting for him, but he couldn’t meet his fans because he had to move fast. 

As soon as he got there, tests were taken, and Orel was quite happy to be there.

Also, before reaching there, he researched the clubs and learned about them. 

Lyon is also one of the greatest clubs with great facilities, so Orel looked forward to playing with the team.

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